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Forget AppLocker and all its weaknesses and start using Microsoft Defender Application Control for superior application whitelisting in Windows 10 and later. Most customers that did not use AppLocker before Wannacry and other types of ransomware attacks are now using AppLocker to prevent malicious software to run on their Windows devices. As many security specialists have shown, there are numerous ways to bypass AppLocker and still get code to execute.

One of them being using regsvr32 to download and execute script directly from the internet for instance. This takes application whitelisting to a new level and with Windows 10 version it becomes the first time since Windows 10 launched that it is actually usuable in many common day scenarios as the administration can now be on a level which is really to manage.

The reason for this it being rather easy to manage now is primarily:. We will start with auditing, and eventually in the end of this guide switch to enforced mode.

Now we set the necessary options for the code integrity policy, which is to use Microsofts Intelligent Security Graph for whitelisting option 14 , to allow supplemental policies to be used option 17 and then we set Hardware Virtualized Code Integrity HVCI to Enabled. Repeat the above process for at least two models, but preferably for each model you have in your environment or at least the top five mot used models.

Note : Enabling the Intelligent Security Graph option will white list the installer for 7-Zip for instance. It will then also white list all executables that the 7-Zip installer puts on your system. We will now merge the baselines from the two models or more and create one single baseline policy. Last but not least you must change the name of the Merged. Now we will create the first supplemental policy to supplement the baseline policy created in step 1 and 2.

This is using path rules which is something that was added with Windows 10 version You must change the name of the Supplemental. For the sake of it, restart the machine.

You could also use the below PowerShell command to refresh the policy without reboot:. Out of everything that would have been blocked by fetching the logs as mentioned in step 5, create additional supplemental policies and deploy until everything you need to run is white listed.

Then, switch from audit mode to enforced! Even though there are existing configuration settings for enabling Microsoft Defender Application Control in an Intune endpoint restrictions policy, enabling it via those settings will mean very limited control and you cannot use supplemental policies.

So, therefore you need to deploy these control policies in another way. CIP files. As we will deploy this using a Win32 app, download the Intune content prep tool and run the following command from the extracted IntuneWinAppUtil. Create a new Win32 app in Intune and use the following parameters when adding it: Program install and uninstall command: powershell. Assign the app and wait for the MDAC policy to apply. This can be verified by running msinfo I do consulting, I produce and teach my own courses, I lecture and I present and my formal work title is senior workplace architect at Coligo in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m also proud to be an Microsoft MVP since Follow me on twitter AndreasStenhall. Skip to content. Windows Defender Application Control. The reason for this it being rather easy to manage now is primarily: Multiple policies.

You can have multiple policies complementing each other so that you do not have to sign everything nor have to create an entirely new baseline each time you want to allow new things to run.

Path rules. You can use path rules as of Windows 10 version As always, this is a balance between security and useability and administration so bear in mind and use this with caution. What is good is that MDAC comes with a use writable protection. Pre-reqs for getting started So to get started in something that looks like a real world scebario you need this: 2 physical machines, different hardware models, that run Windows 10 version or preferably or later as that gives you some better insights.

A couple of hours of your time to get going! High level steps Create a baseline on each hardware model. Merge the baselines into one general baseline. Create a supplemental policy. Deploy the two policies. Start the testing.

Switch from Audit to Enforced mode!



Windows 10 pro applocker alternative free

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