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The game of life features bright colors, unique visual style and contains a board, cards, spinner and other elements. Enjoy an amazing digital journey inspired by a classic game. The gameplay is saved automatically. You can continue from any checkpoint at any time.

Available as a single mode, and multiplayer up to four people. In addition, there is a Quick Game, which itself generates a goal and conditions.

During the passage of the campaign, you always make a life choice. Where to go after school: to college or straight to work? Depending on the chosen actions, the hero will receive experience points, or as it would be more correct to say “life experience”. No matter which path you choose, the hero will always develop and learn. Like all people in this world, you start your journey from scratch, applying your experience and your life to the canvas.

Try it, make mistakes, and get more experienced. Do everything in your power to retire rich and just enjoy life. As a result, this is a game that children will play with their friends or that the whole family will play together. For this reason, I’m not sure how useful a computer version of this game is. If I were a child and old enough to play a game of this sort, there would probably be far more interesting things for me to do on the computer than play The Game of LIFE.

If I really wanted to play a game of this sort again, as a child , I would be far more inclined to play the boardgame and interact with the other players directly and move the pieces myself rather than focus on the computer screen. Gameplay consists of advancing across the board, which is divided into a number of spaces. Landing on a given space causes some “life-related” event to occur, such as having to pay taxes, or going on vacation, or some such.

Players will either collect or pay money on each space, or they will collect a “LIFE tile. Some people might consider this a questionable goal in light of the fact that it might encourage children to be more materialistic, but I would suggest that these people lighten up.

It is, after all, only a game. The game can be played with up to six players, with any combination of humans and computer opponents exception: no computer opponents are available for network play. Obviously, this can become a bit tedious, and the fact that — unlike the boardgame — you don’t even have to pick up and move your piece or count the spaces means that you are really not much more than a spectator once you hit the “spinner” button.

Hasbro Interactive have tried to spice the game up visually by giving you a first-person perspective as you travel across the board. In addition, there are animations or cartoons for each of the spaces on which one can land, and some of them are even mildly amusing.

However, the animations can be extremely slow. I originally played the game with a friend who had graciously agreed to try one run-through of the game in hot-seat mode and we decided after about two minutes that the only way we would ever be able to last through the game would be to turn all the game animations off.

Granted, the machine in question is not particularly fast by today’s standards, but it should be fairly obvious that the type of person this game would appeal to is not necessarily going to have a high-end PII optimised for 3D-shooters and flight sims.

Why this wouldn’t run properly on my old video card an S3 with 2MB EDO — yes, it was old is beyond me, but it seems to me that this type of machine, sans high-end video acceleration, should be exactly the type of machine the game needs to run with. Sadly, it didn’t appear to do so. In fact, I would consider the “Recommended” machine configuration listed above provided by Hasbro to be a complete joke.

Experienced gamers will already be familiar with games which vastly understate their minimum specs in order to encourage purchases, but for this sort of misstatement to occur with a game like this seems a tad ridiculous. In addition, loading saved games is excruciatingly slow, and switching back and forth from the game to the control menu in order to quit or save a game takes forever and a day. This is precisely the sort of thing staring at a blank screen while the hard drive runs or the CD spins up that will cause kids to lose interest fast.

This is a major point against the game, as far as I’m concerned. The game accesses the CD drive far too much, but there doesn’t appear to be any way in which to install all the files to the hard drive. As a result, slow load and play times will be the norm.

The game can either be played from the first-person perspective mentioned above, or you can disable this option which saves you from having to run a large animation window of your car whizzing around the board and simply see a zoomed-out view of the portion of the board you are on where you watch a small car move around in a third-person view.

There is even a full zoom-out option wherein players can see the entire board at once, presumably so they can keep better track of the other players as well as their own positions. This is nice, I guess, but the zoom-out makes the board so small that the writing on the spaces is illegible.

Of course, since there isn’t anything you can do to influence where you’ll land on the next turn, I suppose having a legible board isn’t necessary. One of the most annoying things about the game is the fact that it is locked into a staid, cliched view of life circa The game is driven by what is written on the board, and the fact that this never changes means that The Game of LIFE is inextricably tied to the Eisenhower Administration.

For example, a mandatory stop of “life’s highway” is “Get Married,” and there is Heaven forbid no divorce. Certainly Hasbro Interactive could have made some attempt to bring the version of this game closer to reality.

For example, imagine alternate boards corresponding to various lifestyles that have joined the mainstream in recent years. Begin New Career” space, this board could have “Discover your liberal arts degree is useless. Go to law school. While the humor would be lost on the kids, having downloadable boards like this might be amusing for parents of my generation.

The game comes in two versions. The first is called the “Classic Board Game” and simply consists of the rules present in the original board version. They are all quite simple, and give the players the opportunity to win money by performing a variety of tasks. If they match, he keeps the revealed value in cash.

If not, they both go face-down again. The player has a finite number of chances at this. This is very much like “concentration,” and the other games included in the “Enhanced Version” will all strike the player as something he has seen before.

All of them are on a level appropriate for the children at whom the game is targeted, and at least give the players something to do other than just hit the “spinner” button again and again.

The zoomed-in map, and one of “Life’s Little Games. I just can’t see children getting together for massive Internet games of The Game of LIFE , nor can I see families sitting around the computer to take on the Tikkanens that live across the street in Helsinki. Still, it just seems kind of odd. The game was quite stable, and did not exhibit any flaky behavior of any sort other than the incredibly jerky animations which played very smoothly only after the addition of a new video card as stated above.

Since there aren’t very many things for the player to click on, it would seem to be difficult to “break” the game: once the spinner has been spun, the game takes control of the action, and the players just watch the pictures. This makes it unlikely that the game will hang up due to unexpected, child-induced input from the keyboard or mouse.

Hasbro Interactive have done a nice job of porting this classic game to the computer. My only question is, well, “why? On the other hand, it could be that computers are becoming a social focal point of their own in this regard.

If that is the case, I could think of a lot better things to do on the computer as a family than play this. However, if you’re inclined towards this sort of thing, the game works well. Just make sure you have a fast PC and video card. OOF 0 point. Space Bill 0 point. CC 1 point. Zaron 0 point. Wouldn’t run on 64 bit or accept changing the compatibility.

Looks like a fun game. Sara 3 points. Thanks so much for the download! This version is way more entertaining than the one available on Steam. For anyone encountering a black screen when trying to run the game, you need to force the game to open in a Windowed mode. If you can’t get it to work manually, look for and download a program called DXWnd, and it can do the job for you.

Can this be played over hamachi or something like it? This would be interesting to get people to play this with. Alien 1 point. WiredWolf 1 point. If anyone wants to run this in multiplayer over the internet as I recently did for a game night, the ports you need to forward are and


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The Game of Life 2 Free Download (v & ALL DLC) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Release: Developer: Marmalade Game Studio Ltd OS: 7, 8, 10 Processor: Ghz Graphics: DirectX 10 Compatible Memory: 2 Gb Storage: Mb Steam. Retire rich or lose it all. Anything can happen in The Game of Life! download. Click for download. Review at a glimpse. Genre: Card & Board.


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