Social Media Packages

Building up your online presence and gathering a significant follower base takes time, intricate planning, and wholehearted effort. With BePassive Agency‘s social media marketing services, you can stand out in the increasingly crowded world of social media. With our targeted, forward-thinking strategy, your promotion and engagement needs will be taken care of, and social media success will be within your reach.


    How Social Media Works

    Using social marketing for your brand shouldn’t be seen as a trivial annoyance. Because when done right, this route can have so much potential.

    BePassive Agency offers you the opportunity to work with a dedicated account manager. With their help, you can create social media content and strategies, specifically ones that will at the same time give them what they need and carry you to your goals and objectives faster.

    We can advise you on the industry best practices or simply take over from you and fully manage your social media activities through channels proven to bring about success.








    Many More

    BePassive Agency‘s social media packages are arranged in layers that you can pick based on how much assistance you require. 

    • Bronze: 1 social media channel.
    • Silver: 2 channels.
    • Gold: 3 channels.
    • Platinum: 4 channels.
    • À la carte: Create a custom social media plan + add in other services.

    Using social media to advance your business is a lot different from how you’d use social media as an individual, and the minutiae may be somewhat mind-boggling. 

    Even if you’re not on social media yourself, you have to consider the genuine possibility that most of your customers are. They might be looking for services or products you provide or even looking for your specific brand. Every minute that you’re not on social media is a minute of wasted opportunity.

    Our strategists have the skill and expertise to:

    • Expanding your follower base
    • Manage amicable relationships with influencers
    • Regular creation and sharing of posts
    • Driving more traffic to your website
    • Prompt positive conversations to nurture your social media presence
    • Maintain optimal settings for your social media accounts.

    The goal isn’t to go viral for a short while and then burn out, but to run a campaign that provides lasting success. BePassive Agency’s marketing service ensures the best performance from all the social media platforms you can think of.

    Here’s a synopsis of the social media packages we offer:

    Organic Social Media Posts

    If you’ve ever used social media casually, any free content you might’ve seen users share is organic social media content. 

    Regardless of what platform you’re on when you post organic content, a certain fraction of your followers will see it, so will anyone following the hashtags in your post. The reason for organic post reach being dismal is the ranking algorithms that all these platforms use.

    Even though this kind of post doesn’t reach many people, it’s a great way to nurture communication with your followers. Paying attention to this facet of social media marketing will, in time, gather a loyal audience.

    Organic social media post activities by BePassive Agency may include: 

    • Uploading YouTube videos
    • Developing and posting Instagram Stories
    • Promoting LinkedIn Articles
    • Distributing Facebook forms
    • Live Tweeting
    • Managing social media campaigns

    BePassive Agency’s social media strategists work with great expertise and insight. Each post is designed with specific objectives in mind; you wouldn’t see any cooky-cutter contents littering your accounts. Our posting routine is followed by in-depth analysis and advice about any future rectifications your campaign needs.

    Social Media Advertising

    Organic posts only reach a meager percentage of your target audience. That is where paid social media management comes into play. Putting out paid ads is the best way for brands to target new audiences on social media and convert them to customers. Moreover, this way, you can also attract people who have previously shown interest in your industry or niche.

    Paid social media advertising very particular expertise that we have aplenty. BePassive Agency will run social ad campaigns to jumpstart your marketing efforts through targeted advertising on your behalf.

    Suppose the goal of organic social media posting is to foster relationships with followers. In that case, paid ads work to attract new eyes to your brand and hopefully convert them into followers in the future.

    Social Engagement Videos

    Video evokes emotion and tells stories in a way that other modes of advertising simply cannot.

    All the heavyweights in the world of social media platforms are starting to push video content.

    Another plus side is, netizens find videos much more engaging and stimulating than other types of posts. Incorporating video into your social marketing strategy is a surefire way to pique the interest of people who are already interested in your niche. 

    BePassive Agency will provide you with on-brand videos that followers and potential customers will be more likely to engage with. Moreover, viewers will feel compelled to share these videos, further spreading brand awareness.

    Social Listening

    A crucial component of audience research, social listening allows brands to monitor, scrutinize, and take actions about conversations about them on social media. It’s not social monitoring but something that’s even more dynamic. 

    Social listening pertains to keeping an eye on the conversation going on in the vast digital landscape about your brand. Additionally, it also means analyzing these interactions and finding out ways you can take action to improve your impression. 

    It always pays to learn about what people are saying about your brand and their response to your marketing campaigns. This is an excellent way to engage with customers (existing and potential), manage crises, find pain points, and even get insight into the consensus about your competitors. 

    By diligently performing all the aspects of social listening, BePassive Agency’s social media strategists will be able to fortify your social presence and improve brand awareness.

    Custom Reporting

    Decision-making becomes infinitely easier once irrefutable data backs them. That is why all of BePassive Agency‘s social media plans come with detailed monthly reports on your campaign’s performance.

    Whether we are at the helm of your social media campaign or we’re just nudging you towards the right way with our advice, we will diligently provide you with all the data you need. 

    We can take a thorough look at the channels you make use of and the campaign you’re running and produce custom reports. We’ll run an audit first and then recommend ways to improve. 

    Finally, we would offer our assistance in implementing these changes.

    Social Media Makes Your Brand Sociable

    In the competitive digital landscape, every brand should make sure they’re visible on social media. Missing out on this incredible opportunity would be a waste of your digital marketing strategy. BePassive Agency‘s strategists will figure out exactly where to focus your marketing efforts and catch your audience’s attention fully.

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