Website Redesign Services

As drastic as it sounds, website redesign services might be required at some point in your website’s lifespan. You might be convinced that your website is running perfectly well, but your website can achieve much more with a redesign. 

That’s because even though your website was optimally designed at some point, it will most certainly become outdated with time. From the visual components to the functionality hidden in the code, a redesign will improve both the functionality and UX and ultimately increase your conversion rate.


    Why Need Redesign Your Website

    Is it essential to redesign your website? Shouldn’t it be alright to keep going this way just a bit longer since it’s still functional? The truth is, your website probably isn’t churning out as many sales as it should be. A redesign could bring about a drastic change in this aspect.

    A vital thing to note here is that a single bad experience can permanently turn away a visitor from your website. Visitors tend to gauge how credible your website is through its design. How your website looks and functions can decide whether or not the visitors keep coming back. 

    BePassive Agency is a professional website redesign company that can take care of every single detail of your website redesign strategy. Your website will be thoughtful and conversion-oriented, so it contributes to increased leads and sales. 

    BePassive Website Redesign Service

    BePassive Agency‘s website redesign team is made up of graphic designers with impressive qualifications. Using their hard-earned experience about user behavior, habits, and expectations, they will come up with design details that prime your website for engagement. 

    Covering all the bases, we ensure better performance once the redesign is complete. Your website will sport tasteful design elements targeted towards engaging the sort of crowd you want to attract. We cover all the bases, so you don’t have to.

    Custom website redesign

    Simply going through the motions is not the way to go when it comes to website redesigning. BePassive Agency knows that every website is built differently, and therefore each needs a unique strategy and string of solutions. That is why we offer custom redesign solutions to our clients.

    Responsive Site

    Only optimizing a website for the desktop is an old practice and not very practical nowadays. Our website redesigning efforts include a responsive design. No matter what kind of device your visitor is using, your website will show up quickly and without any hassle. This kind of functionality is what your business needs to sustain itself in the modern world.

    CMS Integration

    Most websites use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal. The motivation behind a redesign is often a CMS that doesn’t seem to be complimenting the website. However, often it isn’t the CMS’s fault. 

    BePassive Agency‘s experts will give you an objective view on the best solution regarding which CMS might be best for you, whether it requires integration or could be left as it is.

    Zero Hidden Fee

    The cost of redesigning a website seems reasonable, but not when you need to consider the possibility of hidden charges. However, you can count on zero hidden fees when you pick BePassive Agency. You’ll be able to see exactly where your money goes.

    Why Choose website redesign services?

    To the owner of a business, the prospect of a website redesign might invite bouts of nail-biting anxiety. However, BePassive Agency‘s assistance will ensure that the whole process reduces your stress and worry. 

    We are well equipped to tackle website redesigning tasks no matter how large your brand is. On the other hand, we also take on redesigning projects for small businesses. We have a vast range of expertise and experience from working with businesses of all sizes. Therefore, no matter what your website needs, we will provide.

    Your website represents your company

    Your website is just as crucial for your business as a brick-and-mortar storefront is. As so many people are leaning towards online shopping these days, it can be argued that a website’s importance is more significant. Often, the website is the first impression that your customers get; therefore, redesigning your website so it captures the essence of your business and the interest of your audience is of utmost importance.

    A redesigned website strengthens your brand

    A website allows you to express your brand’s look and feel and the message you want to convey to your customers. Whether you simply want to strengthen your brand or bolster your rebranding efforts, a website redesign is a great way to impact your business.

    Website redesign generate more leads

    Perhaps you are happy with the amount of online traffic your website is getting at present, not knowing just how much more you are missing. BePassive Agency comes up with new ways to design your site, so it turns visitors into customers. Implementing strategic website design to create an attractive look that would generate more leads.

    A redesigned site can capture user attention

    In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, just having a website isn’t enough. It needs to be outstanding enough to outshine your competitors or at least give your visitors a taste of something new. BePassive Agency agrees that a redesign is an exact thing that can achieve this effect. After we’re done redesigning your website, you and your visitors will be blown away by the modern, functional, and professional design.

    A redesign can help boost professionality

    A thoughtfully produced array of content can only do so much if your website gives off an unprofessional and outdated vibe. Nowadays, visitors perceive the trustworthiness of a website by how professional and well-done it looks at first sight. A website redesigned to look and function professionally will generate high conversion rates and send a clear message.

    Ask Yourself, is Website Redesigning Important?

    Some people consider websites redesigning a superficial process. At BePassive Agency, we regard this as a necessity. It’s not only a process that deals with keeping up with the latest design trends but also keeping up with the ever-evolving customer demands, technological advancements, and specific industry. 

    But how would you know when your website needs redesigning? Ask yourself these questions:

    Is my website easy to navigate and find information?

    Most people are browsing the internet in search of something. The audience you’re trying to attract is looking for a service or product you provide. But if your website makes it difficult for them to find and purchase what they’re seeking or find some information they’re after, your website certainly needs some redesigning.

    Are my current website visitors converting into sales?

    Even a website that’s otherwise easy to navigate might not be good at generating revenue. It would help if you made it easy for your people to make a purchase after they visit your website. If that’s not happening, a redesign is in order.

    Have my competitors recently updated their site?

    Competition is a crucial factor that you cannot ignore. If your competitors made an effort to redesign or update their website and made it more aesthetically pleasing and functional, you wouldn’t want to fall behind, would you?

    Is my content informative and correct?

    Visitors come to your website to learn more about your business and the product or service you provide. From this information, they decide whether your offerings are adequate. Unless you offer relevant, updated, correct, and information-rich content, they’ll turn away in an instance.

    Does my website represent my business well?

    As the epicenter of your digital marketing efforts, your website should reflect every facet of your business and brand. So when people visit your website, even if they don’t make a purchase right away, they’ll be compelled to come back later and convert when the time is right. You know it’s time for a redesign when your website looks the same as ten other business websites in your niche.

    Are visitors who come to my website being tracked and analyzed?

    What do people do after they visit your site? Do they linger or leave right away? Do they fill out contact forms or abandon them? Are they learning about your products and your industry? If you find that your visitors tend to bounce away quickly from your site, you should consider a redesign and focus more on pages where dwell time is meager.

    Want to Redesign your website and Grow Your Business