Website Maintenance Services

Quite a lot of time, care, and money goes to build a website. Once you’ve got your dream website, you need to keep it maintained and ensure the best experience possible for your visitors. BePassive Agency will keep it upgraded, safe and make sure your marketing strategy is on par with your competitors.


    Why You Need Website Maintenance Services

    Ongoing maintenance and support are needed for your website to contribute to your brand’s online presence and performance. Your site cannot sit still. Your visitors are expecting a well-maintained and updated website every time they log in. 

     Letting your website sit still delivers your visitors straight to your competitor’s door. You need to replace and update your offerings, keep the site safe, fix any problems that may occur, and overall give people the best impression of your brand. Good maintenance practices will reduce cart abandonment and also improve UX.

    BePassive Website Maintenance Service

    While website maintenance might seem like a taxing chore, BePassive Agency follows a set routine and makes the working crystal clear and straightforward. We keep your website running noiselessly, keep it streamlined, secure, and bug-free. 

    Our services are proactive; we catch and correct potential threats even before they start creating problems for you. Standard maintenance practices keep your site looking pristine and well-loved, and it also improves loading time. 

    BePassive Agency‘s website maintenance services include:

    Regular updates

    With regular updates, the need for maintenance will remain manageable, and you will not end up with a massive workload. It also keeps your website running smoothly and securely. From big to small, we leave no necessary detail untouched.

    Some of the updates included in our website maintenance services are: 

    • Addition or deletion of text
    • Addition, deletion, and fine-tuning of photos
    • Addition or deletion of pages (using existing page design) 
    • Addition or deletion of files and links
    • Fundamental changes in navigation items
    • Insertion or omission of a pre-edited video
    • Changing or replacing color and background images

    Tech support

    BePassive Agency has a capable tech support team that consists of highly experienced individuals. They’re ready to help with a variety of challenges related to website maintenance. You can also ask for consultation with this team to assist you with their insight and perspective.

    WordPress maintenance

    WordPress is a popular CMS that many businesses use. Maintaining such a site is time-consuming, and once you fall behind, you wouldn’t be able to easily catch up to the workload. BePassive Agency would take this task off your hands and continue paying attention to your WordPress site. We’ll perform monitoring and improvement on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

    Regular Updates Included In Our Website Maintenance Services

    Working with sup-par website maintenance companies or freelancers may be unsatisfactory while hiring an in-house team for this purpose would be overkill in most cases. So naturally, you need BePassive Agency‘s services.  

    Website maintenance services are abundant nowadays. However, their practices vary. That is why it’s normal for you as a customer to enquire about the details of our service before you commit. Our website upkeep services include:

    Overall site improvements

    How would the website maintenance team at BePassive Agency know what are the improvements that your site needs? We gain insight from all the valuable feedback your visitors leave in the form of questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions. Taking these into consideration, we implement changes and enhance your site’s performance.

    Product or service updates

    Growth is what every business strives for. Inevitably, with growth comes a change in products, services, and prices. You need to adhere to a system that routinely cycles out the old and updates with the new. This way, visitors will find your website fresh whenever they come for a look.

    Online specials

    When your business includes an offline aspect and the online one, you cannot keep using the same strategies for both fronts. It would help if you thought up special offers that would attract more users to your website. Special promotions, discounts, or coupons are part of maintenance. These keep visitors coming back to your website for more, time after time.

    Interactivity maintenance

    When visitors come to your website and make a query, ignoring it makes a terrible impression. It makes your website seem instantly outdated and neglected. If the interactive items on your website aren’t running correctly or are too old-fashioned, it might be costing you a lot. Regular maintenance ensures that interactive features are in place so your visitors don’t leave your website unsatisfied.

    What’s Not Included In Our Website Maintenance Services

    For people looking for a website maintenance service company for the first time, the services they expect might be different from what’s actually being offered. Knowing what’s not on the plate when you choose our services helps to keep transparency between us.

    The services that do not come under our website maintenance services are: 

    • Navigation redesign
    • Media creation
    • Media edits
    • Content writing
    • New site functionality
    • Site redesigns
    • Interactive features
    • SEO

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