Website Design Services

A well-designed website is one of the most critical assets to your business’s future success. Think of it as an extension to your business. Anyone can build a website, but not many can assist in a crucial way for your brand’s progression. 

When you invest in BePassive Agency‘s services, you’ll secure a website that’s fully customized, optimally responsive, search engine optimized, safe and professional. 


    Is it Necessary

    Even before a customer steps foot in your physical store, they might come across your website. As such, this first impression can make or break any future you might have with that customer. An appealing and functional website will have a monumental impact on your brand awareness and drive tangible results.

    How Web Design Works with BePassive Agency

    BePassive Agency‘s web design services team is focused on nurturing your brand integrity. Our designers go deep into understanding everything about you, your audience, and even your competitors. 

    Our work is based on straightforward, no-nonsense technology. Our expertise in this field ensures that we can propose realistic and achievable solutions for the best possible outcome. 

    The service we provide is fully customizable across the board, just to perfectly integrate the specific needs of your company, industry, products, and audience. 

    End-to-End Website Design Services

    From redesigning your existing website to making a new webpage, each of its pages fresh- BePassive Agency offers fully functional design solutions for your business. Our client-centered approach ensures that you’ll be included in every step we take towards optimizing your website for an excellent user experience. 

    Putting your trust in us will get you a highly functional digital representation of your brand. Don’t settle for cooky-cutter websites. Trust in us, so your website reflects your brand’s true personality. 

    Web design services and solutions from BePassive Agency includes:

    Website Wireframes

    Wireframing comes after determining site architecture and before the creative design phase. They’re basically layouts that display site architecture visually. Though it lacks any details such as colors or font, it still clarifies the website’s features. 

    Wireframe represents your website in its low-fidelity state, and it’s easier to gauge its usability, address scalability, and ease of update. You can tweak or even overhaul a design at this point, saving you a lot of time and effort later on. 

    BePassive Agency‘s website design services account for all these and ensure that the wireframe we’re providing you is optimized for maximum responsiveness.

    Website Mockups

    Mockups are a step above wireframes. A mockup is a high-fidelity visual draft that gives you a more thorough feel of how your website will look and how the UX is going to be. 

    BePassive Agency‘s designers will create a realistic and convincing mockup of your website and test it with the right users. We’ll also ensure mobile-first indexing in this step. 

    A good mockup means the proper placement of visual content that boosts the UX of your final product. Technically, a website can be made without a mockup, but a mockup ensures that you can avoid design problems further down the road.

    Making changes to a website after development is done and over with can be expensive. A mockup eliminates the need for such unnecessary expenses. If you’re looking to launch your website faster and with good usability, we’ll provide finely tailored mockups suited to your business’s unique needs.  

    Responsive or Device Fiiendly Web Design

    Having a website for your business would be rather pointless unless it was optimized to be responsive across any device your users could possibly use to access it.

    It doesn’t matter what scale you’re operating your business at; responsiveness is a vital box you need to check. People spend so much time on their smartphones nowadays that it wouldn’t be prudent to optimize your website for that sort of device.

    A plus point is that when you make your website mobile responsive, it translates to high responsiveness across other devices as well. BePassive Agency ensures that your finished website is responsive to all users, no matter what they’re using to access your web pages.

    Website Auditing

    If you leave problems unattended, they would fester and cause your website significant loss down the line. Identifying and correcting existing problems should be your priority if you want to run a healthy, profitable business. 

    Regular, thorough website audits to ensure optimal performance and also save expensive repairs later. You also get a complete picture of where your website stands in terms of effectiveness. Moreover, an audit would alert you to any changes needed to keep pace with your competitors.

    Graphic Design

    Right after your website loads, the very first thing a visitor note is the visual appeal. Ease of navigation, functionality, and any other factor comes far later. Unless your visitor is impressed at first sight, it would be challenging to endear them to your brand through other methods. 

    Increasing visual appeal is only one goal of graphic design; it’s also crucial for your overall branding strategy. Everything from background images, color scheme, text style, buttons, etc., are essential in graphic design. 

    An excellent visual would promote communication of ideas to your viewers and lends an air of professionalism. To make sure your visitors leave your site satisfied, ensure prime designing.

    Landing Page Design

    The landing page is what initiates contact between the website visitor and the brand. So naturally, an optimized landing page is one of the most important things to keep in mind while designing your website. 

    A landing page has quite a few important purposes, such as generating leads, gathering prospects’ demographics, and creating a bridge between ads and the brand. 

    BePassive Agency ensures that your landing page is optimized to be the ultimate gateway to attract users. We make use of relevant copywriting, visually attractive CTAs, to-the-point header, directional cues, and anything else that guarantees excellent UX.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO and web designing go hand in hand. As it’s proving to be more relevant, more designers are choosing to integrate SEO with website designing. 

    Essentially, SEO is as critical as design concepts for your website. Focusing on this aspect will get your web pages ranking sooner and higher. Relevant and original content, along with suitable visual elements, will help this process along. 

    With the help of BePassive Agency‘s expert web designers, you’ll own a website that can be crawled faster and easier. We prioritize user’s comfort, and a web design compatible with SEO will draw in more traffic than ever.

    Web Hosting Consultation

    Website hosting is serious business. Your website’s page speed and functionality depend a lot on you making the right choice in hosting provider. As it can actively help or hamper your business, it’s not a decision you should take lightly. 

    BePassive Agency doesn’t officially offer hosting services. However, our experts are more than happy and qualified to share our knowledge and help you to make the right choice.

    Start Building Your Website to Grow your Business

    Propel Your Business Forward Through Your Website

    What’s the face of your business to your online customers? That’s right; it’s your website. In fact, in this era when most people are accessing the internet through handheld devices, a well-optimized website can be considered a great asset to your business. 

    Not only does an attractive website lure in new customers, but it also keeps old customers returning. This way, your revenue just keeps pouring in. 

    Often, your in-house design team might not have what it takes to bring your website to this level of perfection. No matter what kind of website you have, depending on a professional website design team like BePassive Agency will benefit you indeed. 

    Our web design experts will optimize every inch of your website. Using the best practices, we will align them to your marketing goals. No matter the extent of the service you’re getting from us, be it a simple redesign or a complete overhaul, you’ll end up with pristine results.

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