Web Design & Development

A structured, innovative website is your business’s asset, improving your conversion rate and maximizing your revenue every minute. Making sure it’s a bespoke, user-friendly, and mobile responsive website takes time and effort, and that’s where we excel.

BePassive Agency is an integrated agency that provides sophisticated digital solutions. Hence, we provide expert web development and web design services to anyone who needs it. Our efficient design team works tirelessly, so the finished product is functional as well as attractive.


    Why Your Business Needs Web Design & Development

    Nowadays, most people opt to visit a business’s website to scope it out before deciding on purchasing products or services from them. If the first impression is botched, there’s the risk that the visitor isn’t coming back to your website for a second look. Do you now see the need to make sure your website is inviting, user-friendly, and easy to navigate?

    Web design & development is a multi-faceted process that endeavors to:

    Maintain and streamline brand identity

    Increase traffic

    Improve accessibility

    Establish effective communication with customers

    Boost business further

    Our Professional Web Design & Development Services

    People nowadays are more curious and intuitive than before. They prefer doing business with a product or service provider with its own website; it gives them a sense of security. You have a chance to harness the power of their interest and convert your website visitors into customers. 

    BePassive Agency offers web design & development services that make any potential customer stay on your website long enough to make a purchase and enjoy themselves doing it. Our services include:

    Page Speed Optimization

    Website Design

    eCommerce Development

    Website Redesign

    Website Maintenance

    Unless you make sure your website is well-designed in all aspects, your audience will know that you don’t care about making a good impression and bounce away.

    Placing your trust in BePassive Agency means your website visitors will start enjoying their experience more and more. We’ll design, redesign, and maintain your website, improve its speed, provide eCommerce services- anything you need. Your business will easily attract more sales and grow the way you dreamt it would.

    Page Speed Optimization

    Aside from being an important factor in Google’s algorithm, page speed also plays a significant role in user experience. Competitors will snatch up your potential customer if your pages are even a little late in loading than theirs.

    Many people mix up page speed and site speed. While that might not be a big problem for a layman, it’s certainly not advisable to mistake one for the other when it comes to web development, as page speed is a vital deciding factor in your ranking and bounce rate. 

    Just because your site speed is satisfactory does not mean you can ignore page speed optimization. Testing each page individually can help you work out anything that needs changing in terms of speed. 

    The areas of page speed optimization our specialists will focus on include: 

    • Image optimization
    • redirects
    • Browser cache leveraging
    • Hotlinks
    • Web fonts
    • Monitoring common errors

    Website Design & Development

    A website is the face of your business; it represents your business and all that it stands for. A serviceably optimized website is what your business needs to stand out in this era. 

    BePassive Agency offers full-service, professional web designing services that strike a delicate balance between utility and aesthetic appeal.

    Our in-house web development team and UX specialists will see to it that your website goes through a dramatic overhaul.

    From redesigning to building a website afresh, there’s little 

    • Website Auditing
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Wireframes and Mockups
    • On-Page SEO
    • Landing Page Design
    • Responsive Website Design

    When you want to make sure your website is only receiving positive feedback, Putting your trust in a professional Web design service provider makes your job easier. We’ll streamline your brand, make navigation easier, monitor user activities, and ultimately ensure customer base growth.

    eCommerce Development

    The world of eCommerce may seem wholly different from the world of offline commerce, and it’s only regular that you’d be confused. However, trusting BePassive Agency to take care of this digital marketing aspect for you means you’ll only gain an asset. 

    No matter how many or how little the number of products or services you offer, our eCommerce service provides flexibility. We will take note of your business and your competitors and provide your patrons with a shopping experience that will convert sales. 

    For those looking for some extra flair, BePassive Agency builds from scratch. You don’t have to worry about limits. Your eCommerce website can be exactly as unique and extravagant as you need it to be. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, we can also offer you an existing template that you can customize to your heart’s content. Either way, you’re the winner.

    Website Redesign

    It’s a good idea to think of your website as another employee who drives sales. Just like your employee needs to have evaluations regularly to make sure they’re performing well, your website should also get audits and, if required, redesigning actions.

    Depending on your business, the industry, niche, marketing goals, and some more factors, reasons for redesigning your website may vary. These reasons to redesign may include

    • Rebrand your site
    • Optimize your website for SEO
    • Drive more traffic to your site
    • Convert more visitors into leads
    • Add functionality to your site
    • Optimize for mobile visitors

    BePassive Agency will put to use digital designers who specialize in redesigning user-friendly websites. Our strategic approach will ensure your website’s performance improves dramatically, engaging the right audience as a result. 

    Whatever the redesigning task you may have for us, be it just redesigning your homepage to overhauling your entire website, we’re up for the challenge.

    Website Maintenance

    Here’s a statement that rings true to anyone who’s ever run a website: a single bad experience can make you lose a visitor for life. 

    Just creating a spick-and-span website and then letting it sit isn’t going to earn you any points. Unless it is consistently maintained and updated by someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re going to hurt your chances of generating new leads.

    Your visitor might stumble across a page that hasn’t been updated in a while, which features an outdated design or might not find what they were looking for. In a situation like this, you’ll surely not make sales. 

    BePassive Agency makes sure your website is nourished and nurtured without any gap in the effort, so it continues to evolve as your business grows, accommodating new visitors and catering to their changing needs. All in all, it’s an excellent way to improve user experience.

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