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BePassive Agency combines premium video content with updated SEO tools and techniques to empower your brand optimally. Video has become a flourishing new avenue of gaining ROI, and prioritizing video content will give your business a distinct edge over competitors.

Our video production and SEO services would come up with fool-proof content marketing strategies. BePassive Agency’s dynamic media output would enable you to capitalize on visual content that’s becoming exceptionally popular across the web.


    How Video Affects SEO

    A significant point of SEO is to provide the visitors exactly what they are looking for, and that’s what search engines want you to have, as well. Since video content is becoming increasingly popular across the digital marketplace, it would be folly not to take advantage of this type of content.

    If you miss this chance, your competitors will surely take the chance to lure away your visitors. You may not have paid much attention to video content as a way to boost your SEO ranking, but it’s time to do so now.

    Google’s search engine algorithms are increasingly leaning towards prioritizing video content. Therefore, it makes sense to include video SEO in your overall campaign unless you want to fall at a disadvantage.

    Video SEO Ranking Factors

    Video SEO Ranking Factors

    While you search for something on Google, chances are, some of those results on the first page are YouTube videos. However, it pays to remember that Google and YouTube rank keywords somewhat differently. Some of the most prominent factors are:

    Session Time

    Video Watch Time

    Keywords in Metadata

    Audience Retention



    Video Length

    While making a pristine video is crucial, keeping these ranking factors in mind is also essential. In fact, no matter which platform you decide to host your videos on, these factors tend to come into play if you’re hoping to impress the search engine algorithms.

    Visualize your Product Through Bepassive Video SEO Service

    Local SEO Specialist Support

    People use Google and Youtube differently, and when you take into consideration the ranking signals for Videos, you have a few choices to make. No matter what format you choose for your videos, BePassive Agency’s Video SEO services will accommodate your needs. Check these out:


    • Interviews, testimonials, or case studies
    • Video blogs
    • How-To Videos and Tutorials
    • Explainer videos
    • Product demos


    • Animated logos
    • Web demos
    • Motion graphics


    • Corporate promos
    • On-site interviews or testimonials
    • Vox pops
    • Event coverage
    • Drone footage

    Our Video SEO personnel will help you make the best out of the situation with every type, style, and video presentation. Do you need to redefine your brand image? You got it with our videos created by professional videographers. Our tactics help you to: 

    • Increase your click-through rates
    • Lower your bounce rates
    • Create quality backlinks
    • Generate massive traffic
    • Support your primary business goals
    • Improve your video search rankings in Google

    Video Promotion Services for SEO

    Off-Page Optimization

    Nowadays, videos can help make or break your business. Many visitors decide to purchase a product not from reading a review but from watching a video about it. If your video reaches the right people and points them in the direction you want them to go, your worries about a significant amount of ROI would vanish. 

    BePassive Agency’s Off-Page optimization tactics include: 

    • YouTube search engine optimization.
    • Announce new videos via your Newsletters
    • Video promotions on leading social media channels
    • Incorporate videos into your text-based content
    • Link-building campaigns.
    • Making use of our Pay-per-click (PPC) management services

    On-Page Optimization

    While the concern of Off-Page optimization is taken care of, there’s still some work to be done. The on-page factors surrounding the video also need to go through a thorough check and changes that need to be made. The On-Page optimization tactics include: 

    • Using relevant keywords throughout the on-page copy
    • Optimizing metadata
    • Curating video playlists to increase session time
    • Encouraging visitors to interact with the video
    • Embedding videos in landing pages and blog content

    When You Need Video

    BePassive Agency promises to be a full-service SEO services company, and as such, you don’t need to go elsewhere to avail of different services. We have the resources to offer you fully customizable video SEO services, including Off-Page and On-Page SEO. 

    When you need Video

    We are aware that video production can be rather costly, so that you may be hesitant about further promotion. However, BePassive Agency takes this sort of deliberation off your hands as well. With our video promotion services, we make sure your target audience sees your videos. 

    From planning what sort of video content you need to shooting, editing, and promoting: BePassive Agency will monitor the whole process from start to finish. This is your ticket to reaching your audience through the most modern avenue available.

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