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Despite its growing popularity, organic optimization can only do so far single-handedly. With BePassive Agency’s help, you can supplement SEO with paid search. Our SEM experts can help you deploy an integrated search engine marketing strategy to rake in ROI.


    What Is SEM

    A sort of paid search advertising is called search engine marketing or SEM, in short. It makes your ads show up on the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), but you only pay when a searcher clicks on this ad. In this sense, SEM is a sort of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

    Why SEM?

    When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is a big hit across the board. No matter where you look, you’ll hear about the success of content marketing. However, paid search strategies aren’t dead. On the contrary, SEM is still a promising avenue to make use of. 

    If you’re more convinced of the efficiency of SEO, then you can always use SEM as a way to supplement your organic campaign. Here are some ways that SEM will help you out:

    Better CTR (Click Through Rate)

    Click-through-rate or CTR isn’t only crucial for improving your ad rank and lessening your cost-per-click. It also contributes to determining your campaign’s success. You’ll find that display ads glean a much lower percentage of CTR than paid ads on search engines, so this is where you should put your money.

    Potential for Quick Results

    The ultimate goal of most digital marketing campaigns is to bring your business’s website to the number 1 page of search results in the biggest search engines. To do so through organic means takes months at a stretch.

    While you expand efforts in organic SEO to gain sustainable results, using SEM alongside can help you get more visibility in a short amount of time. The point is, SEM cannot be a substitute for a well-rounded SEO campaign, but the two can indeed be integrated for the most significant impact.

    Brand Awareness

    The websites or pages that show up on the first page of any SERP gain the most visibility, so much so that it’s pretty much pointless to aim for a rank that’s not on page one. However, as it takes a long time to rank on the first page even through stellar SEO efforts, you can barely expect to get substantial brand awareness only after months and even years. On the other hand, paid search results show up even above the organically top-ranked posts, and you can use this advantage to push forward your brand.

    Shortcuts to Product Pages

    Through organic SEO, you might be able to get visitors to your website, but not to the exact page where you can prompt them to purchase your product or service. However, PPC shopping ads show up on the top of a SERP, and you can make sure they lead a visitor straight to your products or services page. This way, you can get visitors to perform that action through a minimal amount of clicks. This shortcut is handy for B2B or B2C brands.

    Promotion for Local Services

    Businesses that depend a lot on local visitors will be doubly benefitted by traveling the SEM avenue. People who search for local companies (say, a bakery or a plumbing company) are looking to purchase a product or service quickly. They tend to click on paid ads much more readily than other searchers. Putting your ad where it’s instantly visible, even above organically ranked posts, is the key to one-up your competitors.

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    How Does SEM Work



    The paid ads you see on the first position of any SERP is the place that everyone is vying for because of its high visibility. As this position is highly coveted, the process of getting to it is also complex, though not as time-consuming as SEO. 

    Here’s how Google determines which ads to show in this position: 

    First, when advertisers make a bid, Google uses this formula to determine your ad rank (Maximum Bid x Quality Score = Ad Rank). The maximum bid refers to the amount that an advertiser is ready to pay for each click on the advertisement, while the quality score refers to the ad’s overall quality. Quality score depends on various factors such as the click-through rate, keywords, and past performance of that ad.

    Second, after the ad rank for each ad is determined, your ad will be showcased only if it manages to pass the ad rank threshold. 

    Third, Google arranges the ads based on their ad rank. 

    Note that even if you bid the highest, you might not get the top spot because many other factors come into play here.

    Local Services Ads

    If your business is a local service provider, you’ll benefit from this sort of SEM. Local Services Ad has some differences with paid search. For example, there’s no bidding process. The factors that Google uses to determine whether your ad is worth displaying are also different, such as: 

    • How close your business is to the searcher’s location
    • What your business hours are
    • Reviews (review score and number of reviews)
    • How responsive you are to the inquiries of a customer
    • Whether there are any complaints against your business or not

    SEO vs. SEM

    While SEO is essentially a slow process, you might be more inclined to use this path since it’s ‘free.’ But even though you don’t have to pay anything when a searcher clicks on an organically ranked link, that doesn’t mean it’s free. In fact, it costs a lot. 

    A lot of work goes into preparing a post to rank in the top place of a SERP organically. First, you have to build up your website’s authority and brand awareness by putting up numerous posts and then getting backlinks for them. 

    Second, you employ a content writer to actually produce content. You have to engage a graphic designer or illustrator to add images or buy them from an image provider website. Lastly, you have to employ a developer to code and deploy the page. 

    Hours of work go into preparing text-based content, and it doesn’t come cheap. The crux of the matter is that you cannot be sure that this content will rank even after all this work. 

    On the other hand, think of an SEM approach. You still have to spend time and money to make sure you pick high-impact keywords, optimize your landing pages, and go with a superb bidding strategy, but you at least know for sure that you’ll occupy the top space on a SERP. 

    SEM and SEO both have their pros and cons. The good news is, when you supplement SEM with SEO, you end up spending less money.

    Why You Should Trust BePassive Agency for SEM

    There isn’t a shortage of agencies that can manage the intricacies of SEM for you. However, BePassive Agency offers you the newest and most polished strategies and assistance while leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business. 

    BePassive Agency provides you dedicated service and the scope to receive a custom SEM strategy molded to your business’s specific needs. Our assistance includes:

    • Setting sustainable and realistic goals
    • Picking a plan to best use your money
    • Setting up and taking care of the ins-and-outs of SEM campaigns
    • Recommending how to lower CPC and improving impressions 
    • Coming up with compelling short-form ad copy
    • Analyzing indicators of process and figuring out any shortcomings
    • Adjusting the existing strategy based on findings

    The world of search engine marketing changes often, and if you cannot morph your website and its pages to the latest standards, then you’ll undoubtedly fall behind. Don’t let that happen; trust in BePassive Agency.

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