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BePassive Agency’s priority is getting your website ranked on page one of reputed search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Whatever your industry or niche and how tough the competition, our team of experts will funnel a steady, consistent and profitable stream of traffic your way.


    Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important

    Getting traffic from a search engine’s organic rankings is the aim of search engine optimization (SEO). A website’s traffic hugely depends on the search engines. If you optimize correctly and manage to magnify your traffic, the return on investment will be astonishingly high. 

    Unless your website shows up on Google (or any other search engine), then it’s as good as non-existent. To establish your brand in your preferred industry/niche, SEO has become crucial. The factors that determine the rank of your website in SERPs include:

    Backlinks from Reputable Websites

    Content That Fulfills Visitor’s Search Intent

    Users’ Interaction with Your Website

    On-Page Optimization


    Site structure and page structure.


    Keeping these factors in mind, you need to get your website optimized in a way that the search engine picks your content as the best choice for a visitor’s query. To get picked, your content needs to be primed to please the search engine’s algorithm, and that’s what our SEO strategies are designed to do. 

    Learn More About SEO

    Digital marketing is a highly competitive field, and to push ahead of your competitors, you need ever-increasing quality and quantity of traffic. The visitors you receive cannot just be on your website for a short period but contribute to building up your brand reputation and authority. 

    Accomplishing this is a rather hefty task. Thankfully, BePassive agency team consists of SEO specialists, content strategists, content writers, designers, and developers who are experts at precisely this sort of work. 

    With our team’s help, you can stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, if you need a la carte SEO solutions, we are more than ready to provide you exactly what you need. Our services include:

    Organic SEO »

    On-Page SEO »

    Off-Page SEO »

    National SEO »

    Local SEO Services »

    Video SEO Services »

    Professional SEO Services »

    Organic SEO Services

    Unlike paid search results that can get you quick but short-lived results, organic SEO techniques give you results that yield significant ROI for as long as your content isn’t outranked.

    Anyone looking to gain substantial and sustainable SEO solutions should opt for Organic SEO services in this regard. 

    Here at BePassive Agency, we assign you a dedicated SEO consultant to work with you to achieve this goal. Our Organic SEO services include:

    • Landing page writing
    • On-page optimization
    • Blog writing
    • Advanced keyword analysis
    • Persona development
    • Link structure analysis and adjustment
    • Mobile optimization
    • And many more

    On-Page SEO Services 

    Just like how search engines update their algorithms every so often, your website and its content should also be optimized along with these updates.

    In essence, make sure your website behaves like a living, breathing organism that grows with your visitors’ demands. How to do that? That’s where On-Page optimization comes in. 

    Any visible changes that we bring to your website and its pages fall under On-Page SEO techniques.

    This kind of optimization centers around your website’s content that you present to your visitors and search engines. Our On-Page SEO services include: 

    • Content writing and optimization
    • Landing page writing and optimization
    • Updating content to realign with new search engine guidelines
    • Featured-snippet optimization
    • Website SSL setup
    • Metadata optimization
    • Optimizing page for faster load time
    • And many more

    Off-Page SEO Services

    So On-Page SEO deals with On-Site optimization. But what about Off-Site? There are many factors outside your website and its pages’ immediate scope that contribute to improving your rank on search engines. These are what we call Off-Page SEO factors.

    Improving your site’s reputation and authoritativeness on the web depends on your actions and interactions. Backlink building is a large part of this process, but it’s not the only part.

    BePassive Agency Off-Page SEO Services include:

    • Backlink building
    • Link Analysis
    • Link Disavow
    • Guest post writing
    • Influencer outreach
    • Industry networking
    • Social Media Management
    • Content promotion
    • And many more

    National SEO Services

    If your business has a national reach and you require optimization of the sort that would make you more visible to netizens all across the country, our National SEO Services are primed for you. 

    BePassive Agency will ascertain that every keyword you use has value in your country of choice, and you’re targeting the variations that earn you the most significant possible impact.

    To achieve SEO marketing on a national scale, BePassive Agency’s services include:

    • Assisting with multi-site, multi-location SEO
    • Performing website traffic analysis
    • Advanced audience segmentation and list building
    • Enterprise-level link-building
    • Location-agnostic keyword ranking
    • And many more

    Local SEO Services

    Local SEO may not be as overwhelming as national SEO, as its scope is relatively narrow. However, optimizing for local keywords can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that primarily focus on a local audience or even a national one.

    This sort of optimization means your visibility to visitors in your location of choice is intensified, and you can gain the most value from it.

    Local SEO Services provided by BePassive Agency include:

    • Google My Business optimization
    • Local SEO audit
    • Localized content creation
    • Targeted link building
    • Technical SEO for multi-location sites
    • And many more

    Video SEO Services

    Video content might seem like something that adds an extra layer of advantage to your website, but you should include video if you want your SEO strategy to succeed. Nowadays, visual content is thriving, especially video.

    If you don’t want to fall behind, make premium content a must-have on your website. 

    BePassive Agency practices advanced search engine optimization practices that include optimizing video content and the on-page factors surrounding it, making sure search engine crawl-bots can quickly parse this content and boost your ranking.

    Our Video SEO Services include:  

    • YouTube optimization
    • Link building
    • Promotion on social media
    • Better-organized video playlists
    • Strategic use of video in your website
    • And many more

    Professional SEO Services

    BePassive Agency’s professional SEO services are aimed towards companies that are dead serious about growing their business through an effective online marketing strategy. 

    Any business needs customers, and unless your visibility is improved, who will drive your sales up? Improving sales options through the aforementioned SEO practices and more is precisely what your business needs in this modern era

    Our professional SEO services also include: 

    • Technical SEO 
    • E-commerce SEO
    • SEO Strategy consultation
    • Integrating all our SEO practices in a larger, compact strategy
    • Working closely with your company stakeholders
    • Assigning a dedicated team of SEO experts to your website
    • And many more

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