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Across the world, E-commerce is growing bigger every second, and it’s only natural for you to follow a well-constructed plan to grow your business. A spic and span website is the pride of any company that conducts business online. However, no matter how much you spend behind your website, if it’s invisible online, it’s as good as non-existent.

BePassive Agency’s clean and straightforward SEO practices will propel qualified visitors to your website to ultimately generate high ROI. With our step-by-step approach, your progress will be crystal clear and easy to track.


    Why Professional SEO Services?

    SEO is the most crucial aspect of any digital marketing campaign. And the help you need to succeed might not come from the most inexpensive SEO agency, nor from the one that promises fast results. No, to grow your online presence sustainably, you need an economical, dependable, and organic SEO strategy. You need BePassive Agency. 

    Driving growth through SEO marketing is what we do, and we do it the best. Without SEO, you have no hopes to be noticed by search engines and, in turn, the visitors you want to attract to your business.

    At BePassive Agency, our experience and insight with search engine algorithms enable us to pick out a strategy for your business that packs a mighty punch. We use organic methods such as keywords incorporation, link analysis, and many more to gain transparent results and provide you with a specialized brief on your progress and further suggestions.

    With the backing of an experienced SEO marketing service company like BePassive, people will find your website easily on the SERPs. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you turn your visitors into customers.

    SEO for Small Businesses

    SEO yields solid and sustained results for small businesses, but only if it’s done right. From the shiny promises uttered by some SEO agencies, it might seem to you like SEO is a magic wand, which can instantly transform your website. 

    In reality, SEO is a constant work in progress. It involves a combination of efforts which a small entrepreneur might be too busy to deal with. On the other hand, it can seem overwhelming to choose from all the SEO agencies out there.

    The budget may also be a glaring issue. However, a competent SEO partner who knows what sort of SEO tools and techniques a small business needs can reduce a lot of stress from your shoulders (and shorten your marketing to-do list).

    BePassive’s SEO services enable you to bring optimal changes to your website while also staying well within your budget.

    What Types of Business SEO Services Does BePassive Offer?

    Your website should not be reliant on only one type or avenue of SEO. We know from years of experience that results only come when your SEO strategy is bolstered from every angle imaginable. 

    When you partner with BePassive Agency, we provide you with a team of enthusiastic experts who address all these aspects of SEO for the most significant impact on search ranking.

    Here are some of the notable professional SEO services we offer:

    On-Page SEO

    Optimizing the portion on your website visible to the visitors and readable to the search engine crawlers, including the layout, content, URLs, HTML, and all- falls under the category of On-Page or On-Site SEO. Proper On-Page SEO focuses on the crawlability of the search engines, improves user experience, fulfils user’s search intent, and generates more organic traffic.

    Some of BePassive Agency’s SEO tactics to improve On-Page ranking factors may include:

    • Content writing, updating and optimization
    • Improving UX
    • Metadata optimization
    • Website linking hierarchy analysis and optimization
    • Landing page creation and optimization
    • Website redesign
    • Optimizing page speed
    • Analytics tracking

    Off-page SE

    If the practice of optimizing what’s clearly there on your website and its pages is dubbed On-Page SEO, then it is only fair that the practice of optimizing what’s outside your website is named Off-Page SEO. 

    Your On-Page SEO may be pristine, but the website might still suffer from a lack of visibility to your target audience. The reason may be neglecting Off-Page optimization. Gaining good-quality backlinks and other Off-Page optimization practices will go a long way to amplify your website’s performance on the SERPs.

    BePassive Agency takes note of: 

    • Backlinks
    • Link analysis
    • Link disavow
    • Earned media
    • Domain authority
    • Content promotion
    • Industry networking

    Looking at any SERP, you will notice that the top pages all optimize on the Off-Page factor, and a similar tactic will also prime your website to have similar performance in the future.

    Technical SEO

    You might think your online presence and search ranking will be in optimal condition if you take care of the On-Page and Off-Page ranking factors. However, a lot is going on in your website’s back-end that’s unseen but no less important in terms of your online presence. Optimizing these “behind the scenes” factors is what we call Technical SEO. 

    You will understand how crucial this facet of SEO is when we tell you that the success of both On-Page and Off-Page optimization depends a lot on Technical SEO. BePassive Agency’s SEO specialists always keep an eye out for these factors and identify and rectify any issues that might negatively impact your website’s ranking.

    We look out for technical factors such as: 

    • Optimizing page speed
    • Crawlability
    • Updating Schema markup
    • Site architecture
    • Optimizing the website for mobile users
    • Responsive design
    • Indexing

    E-commerce SEO

    SEO is vital for any modern business. However, it’s more important if your business’ point of sale is directly on your website. Depending on your industry and niche, the BePassive Agency experts might suggest a doctored approach to SEO. 

    Our focus will be on driving quality traffic to your website, as it will encourage more conversions. Paid promotions might seem like the only optimization tactic you’ll need, but a combined approach that includes organic SEO will bring more ROI. 

    If you already have an e-commerce website, our experts will analyze it and find the best ways to remedy any issues prohibiting your visibility to potential customers.

    Our e-commerce SEO strategy may include

    • Sitemap optimization
    • Product and service page optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Web demo creation
    • Website redesign
    • Page speed and mobile optimization
    • Sophisticated keyword targeting
    • User testing
    • Schema markup
    • Review and citation management
    • Technical integration support
    • A/B testing

    Local SEO

    Conventional SEO makes your business website show up on relevant searches. However, if you have a physical store and are looking for that extra bit of boost to lure in local customers, Local SEO is what you should be looking for. 

    Local SEO practices are similar to what your general idea of SEO might be. However, there’s also a different set of ranking factors (used mainly by Google) that come into play. So, you should definitely optimize for local searches. That’ll help you show up on Google SERPs, as well as Google Maps and local business listings. 

    It would help if you optimized for On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO, and then take a look at optimizing for these Local SEO factors:

    • Claiming and setting up local listings for your business
    • Localized content creating and updating
    • NAP (name, address, phone #) verification
    • Business directory optimization
    • Google My Business profile optimization
    • Finding Geo-targeted keywords
    • Rating and review management
    • Local SEO audit
    • Brand monitoring and reputation management
    • Targeted link building

    Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes, so BePassive Agency provides the chance to customize the Local SEO service you get from us fully. You can simply ask us for Local SEO or take advantage of a more extensive SEO campaign. With any changes in your business, our campaign will twist and fold to accommodate your needs.

    SEO strategy consultation

    No SEO strategy can fit all the websites out there. If you’re using an off-the-shelf SEO package, it’s only natural for you to be disappointed at the lack of any progress. What’s more, the strategy in place could be awfully outdated and end up being a disadvantage.

    Not only will BePassive Agency’s SEO specialists employ up-to-date SEO tools and techniques to optimize your website, but we will also do it after careful consideration and deliberation. Before we do anything else, we will get to know your business and your clients thoroughly to suggest the best course of action.

    We will take the time to do research, learn what your goals are, and develop a strategy that fits your business type and goal. The experienced consultant we will pair you with will be someone who knows the latest goings-on in the world of SEO, so you will never fall behind.

    Discover How We Can Help to Grow your Business

    BePassive SEO Audit Include?

    Optimizing your website once in all the way that matters doesn’t mean your work is done. You’ll have to plan for regular algorithm changes and keep an eye out for webmasters’ guidelines. Your website needs to adapt to these changes. 

    Moreover, your website might have unknown shortcomings and outdated content. Therefore, to keep your website’s SEO strategy up-to-date, conducting SEO audits on a fairly consistent basis is an ideal plan. This helps your website to run in a way that gains positive SEO rankings.  

    Key factors that we focus on during an SEO audit are:

    • Mobile-friendliness of your website
    • Speed optimization of your website
    • Find and fix indexing problems
    • Fix broken links
    • Optimize for UX signals
    • Ensure google doesn’t have more than one version of your website indexed
    • Find and delete pages that are holding your website back
    • Analyze backlinks
    • Competitor analysis

    At BePassive Agency, our SEO specialists will put to use the latest and best SEO audit tools and techniques available to scour your website. Here’s what you can expect from our SEO audit procedure:

    • We will consider key criteria of SEO and provide you an insightful report on each of them.
    • In case there are any shortcomings, we will offer guidance and recommendations on how to fix them. 
    • To make sure we understand your position in the market and can make it better, we will review a selection of your competitors.
    • We will review the whole process in the presence of you and your staff, so the understanding between the two parties is crystal clear.
    • Lastly, we will provide a detailed report on what’s lacking in your website and what to do about it.

    As our specialists meticulously go through these steps, they ultimately take care of any persistent problems in your website that’s holding you back from gaining high visibility on the web and, as a result, high ROI.

    What are the Benefits of Working with an SEO Agency?

    There’s no rule saying you have to take the help of an agency to remedy your ongoing SEO woes. You could just as easily employ an in-house SEO specialist. There’s also the option of hiring freelancers to do the work for you.

    That said, taking the help of an established and experienced SEO Agency like BePassive Agency is still the best avenue to take. Here are the benefits you get this way:

    • Specialized expertise. While in a contract with BePassive Agency, our team of experts will go all the way to learn more about your business and figure out precisely what you need. Moreover, our history of working with many other companies that might be similar to yours also gives us better insight than a hired freelancer or in-house expert is likely to have.
    • Dedicated Service. We are fully committed to dedicating a team of SEO experts solely to your business’s SEO campaign. This way, there aren’t any distractions or gaps in the effort, and you can enjoy the results that much sooner.
    • Wide range of services. Here at BePassive Agency, we won’t only be optimizing your website on one or two fronts- we go all out. From conducting SEO audits to coming up with elaborate SEO campaigns and implementing them, you can leave it all to use.
    • Ongoing consultation. SEO is not something you can only dabble on once and then hope for the best. We will optimize your website for the best results and then keep providing assistance as the rules of SEO keep changing with time.

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