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Though it is sustainable, it can take time to see results with organic SEO strategies. A faster way to achieve results could be pay-per-click, commonly referred to as PPC. With BePassive Agency’s fully optimized PPC campaign, you can target the audience that brings you the most ROI.


    Why PPC Matters

    Paid advertising works, and at times it can be more effective than a standalone SEO campaign.  When you go to any SERP, you will notice the paid advertisement right on top of the page, pushing the organic results way down. Moreover, these paid links tend to answer the searcher’s query to the point, so they get clicks easily.

    With BePassive Agency‘s help, you can erect a campaign that will focus on what works. The campaign will include:

    • Deliberate keywords.
    • Engaging copy.
    • Calculated bidding.
    • Optimized landing pages.
    • Performance analytics.

    With our dedicated PPC strategists smoothing your way, you will find that this is a great way to generate leads. With PPC, only people looking to complete an action (such as buying a product or service) will click. This is especially useful for businesses that are looking to target browsing users.

    Here’s another example of why PPC could be precisely what you need- it enables detailed targeting. You could target the exact demographic of users you want on your site. Since every click costs you, why waste it on users that you can’t convert into customers?

    A PPC campaign can be launched within a matter of hours and yields results soon. You could be swift with your SEO campaign. However, it takes a long time to bear fruit. This is perhaps the biggest edge that PPC has over SEO. You can use PPC as leverage to make up for SEO’s shortcomings.

    What is PPC Advertising?

    When it’s a super competitive search, and your competitors outrank you- that’s a perfect time to spend some money on PPC.

    Your business’s paid advertisement will show up on top of the relevant SERPs, but you don’t pay anything if your ad sits idle there. You only pay the search engine once someone clicks on your ad. This is, in short, what PPC is as a digital advertising model.

    PPC is a keyword-based marketing tactic. If you pay attention, you will notice that there are limited PPC advertising slots available on top of the Google SERPs. These ads are subjected to ad auctions. The auctions are done via an automated process. 

    The bidding process takes note of your advertisement’s relevance and validity. Having a good quality advert will boost your position and lower your cost per click (CPC). Keep in mind that the more competition there is for a keyword, the higher the price you have to pay.

    BePassive Agency‘s approach to PPC is multi-layered, which means we make use of multiple platforms where your advertisements will show up to pursue a browsing audience. This will include many types of ads, consisting of texts, images, videos, user ratings, and a lot more. 

    Traffic from PPC converts fast, and with BePassive Agency‘s expertise, your PPC campaign will be molded to your business’s specific needs, and you’ll see results immediately.

    How a PPC Campaign Works

    BePassive Agency‘s well-thought-out PPC campaigns encompass a notable digital advertisements network, spreading out to numerous websites and apps. While this targets your valued customers across various platforms, it also works to build brand awareness. 

    No matter the strategy, the audience targeted, or the scope of your business, there are some elements of a wholesome PPC campaign that remain unchanged. These are:



    Ad copy & other elements.

    Bid strategy.

    Calls to action (CTAs).

    Landing pages.

    Here’s how BePassive Agency uses these elements to come up with a high impact PPC campaign:

    Step 1: Pick valuable keywords

    Advertisers pay the search engine only when their advert is clicked. Since every click costs you money, it makes sense to target only relevant visitors under the right circumstances and through the right keywords. That way, you have more chances of turning them into customers and gaining ROI. BePassive Agency will assign a dedicated content marketing specialist for conducting keyword research, so your money is spent where it will earn you more.

    Step 2: Create impactful ads

    You will need advertising copy for your ads, and our content writing team is as accomplished as they are experienced in this matter. Your ads will contain compelling texts, stirring CTAs, and appropriate images, videos, and gifs. These ads will contain power words, emotions, answer the queries exactly, and be tested for efficiency. All these will compel the visitors to take the next steps in your website that would generate earnings.

    Step 3: Drive prospects to an optimized landing page

    By the time a visitor clicks the ad and is whisked away to your landing page, you have already paid a certain amount to the search engine. Now, it’s up to your landing page to convince the visitor to convert to a customer. Unless your landing page is relevant to the PPC ad and gives the visitor exactly what they want, you will lose the visitor. Pretty soon, the majority of your visitors will bounce away, and you would’ve spent money on PPC for nothing. So, BePassive agency will offer relevant, valuable, and original content, make it fast loading and friendly to mobile users and promote transparency.

    Step 4: Set your bidding strategy

    Besides picking the right keywords, an airtight bidding strategy is probably the most helpful angle for your PPC strategy. BePassive Agency pairs you up with a PPC specialist, and with their help, you can hope to have a systematic bidding strategy in your hands. They will keep analyzing your strategy’s progress and adjust it as, and when needed, so your money is spent in the best way possible.

    Step 5: Continually optimizing and evolving the strategy

    Putting up an advertisement isn’t the end of BePassive Agency‘s PPC strategy. We keep monitoring, testing, and reviewing. We keep an eye on how visitors respond to your ads and take notes of relevant metrics. Our monthly reports will contain detailed analysis and will also suggest any changes needed to optimize your strategy. 

    Ad platforms offer businesses to limit and target their ads specifically. You can choose to target the audience of a specific locale, for example, and leave out the rest. On the other hand, you could also choose to target an international crowd. 

    The good news is, if you’re able to optimize the right factors, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying a higher rate if your ad ranks higher. Quite a few factors determine whether an ad is worthy of a high ranking and a favorable position.  

    Bidding algorithms assess factors like: 

    • The performance of past ad campaigns
    • Keyword relevancy
    • Click-through rate

    BePassive Agency can help you supplement your SEO strategy with a well-built PPC campaign. As in, you don’t need to wait months (or even years) for an optimized page to rank. With the help of proper PPC measures, you could have it ranked in a matter of days.

    Why is PPC Management Important

    For a profitable PPC campaign, PPC management is crucial as it is guaranteed to boost performance and accelerate growth. This is how BePassive Agency‘s dedicated PPC strategist can help you:

    Research keywords

    Through research, you can find keywords that are more qualified, less expensive, and yet provide higher conversion rates.

    Conduct split tests

    To optimize your sales, tests should be done on the components in an organized and structured manner.

    Select channels

    Not all advertising channels can be advantageous to your business, so you should only consider the ones that will be profitable.

    Optimize bidding

    Analyze what your competitors are up to, and take calculated steps to secure a good bidding strategy.

    Create copy

    Generating clicks and conversions depends largely on a pristine and precise ad copy that encourages calls to action.

    Analyze campaign performance

    Whether your campaign was successful or not, and whether it needs a rehash, is something you should find out through careful analysis.

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC managers ensure that your strategy garners promising results through a fact-based approach. They will make sure your campaign is not wasting money on ads that receive little or no engagement. 

    Our PPC strategy isn’t stagnant. As your business unfolds, our strategy will also evolve and line up with your goals and activities. You can go head to head against your competitors and grow with the ever-growing market.

    Create Your Strategy with PPC Service

    What PPC Services does BePassive offer

    Paid Text Ads

    On top of the SERPs, you would most often notice text-based paid ads. There’s a reason why this type of ad is the most common. It’s because they work. This standard ad format is a quick and straightforward way to let searchers know you have the object or information they are looking for. 

    BePassive Agency‘s experienced PPC strategists will help you to write the most effective and engaging copy. Moreover, they will also advise you on the right extensions to be used with each ad. Our assistance includes: 

    • Appeal to the target audience through emotional copy and the inclusion of power words
    • Pursue customers to take action
    • Make your ads mobile-friendly
    • Optimizing your landing page, so it aligns with your ad copy
    • Clever use of impactful keywords in the ad copy

    Display Ads

    Display ads are a different breed than search ads. Your ad will not be showing up on the SERPs, but it will make use of the Google Display Network. Your ads will show up on other websites as banners, sidebar ads, and many different forms through this network. 

    Not only text, but this sort of ad can also make use of stationary or dynamic visuals. BePassive Agency‘s PPC managers will build display ads that will load faster and will capture the attention of your potential customers, improving the click-through rate of your ads.


    Just because a visitor has clicked on your paid ad doesn’t mean you’ve successfully snagged a customer. Sometimes, it may take as many as 7 clicks to convert a visitor into a customer. It is only through proper retargeting that you can ensure this. 

    Once a visitor lands on your website, make sure they are engaged. This entails using cookies and third-party data to persuade visitors to return to your website and pick up where they left off last time. You can also target an audience with similar behavior as your customers this way. 

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC managers will make use of proper retargeting avenues, so once a visitor leaves your website, they will be coaxed to return with targeted ads.

    Shopping Campaigns

    You can’t just wait for potential customers to drop in on your website and then hope to convince them with your sales pitch. Your competitors are probably capable of snatching them up even before that. 

    If your website has a large quantity and variety of products, it will help if you used Google Shopping ads. Even before searchers click on a website, they can pick and choose from these products and proceed directly to purchase. 

    BePassive’s shopping campaign ensures that when someone searches for a product that your business deals with, the product is presented before the potential buyer in a way they cannot ignore.


    Navigating the technicalities of PPC and integrating it with your existing SEO campaign is BePassive Agency‘s job. In addition to this, content syndication is another thing we do to bring you traffic and increase your brand awareness.

    Syndication is essentially pushing your content to third parties who will then republish it on their own websites. If you are a small business, then we would advise you to go this way. When your content shows up on a bigger site, some of their authority should pass it down to you. 

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC managers work with capable networks to showcase your content where it will gain the most traction with SEO-friendly content syndication.

    Increase your Organic Traffic or Build SEO Friendly Website