PPC Consulting

Organic SEO may be sustainable, but the visitors that land on your page from PPC (pay-per-click) are more likely to complete an action that brings in the cash.


    Why PPC

    Being an auction-based system, the PPC model of advertising might seem like a hassle. However, the visibility it offers is certainly unbeatable. When done right, your ads shoot to the top at a pace that’s impossible to achieve with just SEO. 

    PPC generally works well when integrated with other marketing channels. You can easily measure your progress with the data you gain and change your strategy accordingly. The best thing about this sort of marketing is, you have fantastic targeting options.  

    Anyone who’s wrestled with the complexity of SEO might think of PPC as relatively simple. However, it, too, has its own rules and intricacies. To succeed, you have to always keep up with the changing situations and bolster your efforts with wholesome SEO. 

    Sounds tough? Working with BePassive Agency’s PPC consultants will render your worries unnecessary. You’ll be in total control of your PPC accounts, and we’ll be taking care of all the grunt work. From strategy to implementation, analysis, and constantly updating your campaign, you’ll be able to depend on our skill and expertise.

    Fortify your Digital Marketing Strategy with PPC Advertising

    To truly succeed in the digital marketing landscape, you need to give users what they are searching for. Hence, gaining insight into user intent and putting it to use should be of utmost priority.

    PPC ads can compel a searcher to click much more readily than organically ranked content could when done correctly. Therefore, this is an avenue of customer outreach you simply cannot ignore. 

    PPC advertising has many tricks up its sleeve that can help supplement the gaps left in your marketing strategy that even SEO can’t fill up. You can improve brand awareness, drive traffic straight to your product pages, and even retarget your site visitors elsewhere on the internet. 

    With BePassive Agency‘s PPC consultants’ support and expertise, you can reap the benefits of profitable strategies.

    Understanding Audience Engagement

    Your PPC campaign cannot be stagnant. To accommodate the ever-changing, ever-moving rules in the world of digital marketing, you must adapt in style. 

    So many factors come into play to determine your success through PPC. Minding everything from ad copy to keyword selection and even bidding strategy can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, understanding one thing can make the whole process straightforward, and that is a clear understanding of the audience you’re trying to reach.

    As your prospective customer goes through the typical motion of a searcher online, our PPC consultants use their expertise to enhance your business’s connection with them. 

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC personnel specialize in:

    Keyword Analysis.

    PPC Bidding.


    Creative Copywriting.

    Landing Page UX.

    Ad Retargeting and Syndication.

    Across the digital landscape, marketing strategies are becoming increasingly user-centric. Our PPC consultants can help you deliver an outstanding user experience that successfully finds, engages, and lastly, converts a visitor into a customer.

    Supporting Growth Through PPC Consultation

    A large part of strategizing is maintaining a sustainable budget. Unless you’re careful, your allotted budget will fizzle up even before you’ve made any dent in your desired goal. 

    Brands looking to profit from PPC put their trust in PPC consultants because they have the insight gained from countless case studies to understand which strategy will bear fruit and which is a sure way to bankruptcy. 

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC consultants tweak the bidding process in a way that you can expect the best results. Besides, they also improve your ads, so it’s primed to bring in more ROI. Once the ad networks understand that your ads are high-quality, you’ll be rewarded with lower cost-per-click (CPC) and higher rank placement. 

    There’s no longer any suitable one-size-fits-all advertisement strategy that you can depend on. Your paid and organic search campaigns should be aligned seamlessly so you can successfully communicate with your target audience. With our help in this matter, you can start expecting traffic even as you wait for your organic SEO to begin bringing in results.

    Why PPC ads are essential to your business

    Your marketing strategy should incorporate paid ads as you can expect the ROI to be twofold. Hiring a PPC consultant to enhance your paid advertising campaigns has the following benefits:


    Accelerated brand awareness

    Lead generation and nurturing

    Promote customer engagement


    BePassive Agency‘s managed PPC strategy will tailor your ads to the T because high-quality ads are crucial to keeping you on track to meet your goals. A lot can depend on the right keywords, which dedicated PPC consultants can figure out. To ensure that your buyer only gets the best experience, we would leave no stones unturned.

    We tailor your strategy with data-driven insights

    You can’t hope to make a dent in your goal unless you routinely keep track of your progress, measure it, and make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy.

    Analysis at regular intervals and a plan tailored to the data you gained from this analysis are paramount. While analyzing the course of your PPC campaign, the critical metrics we take note of are:

    Click-through rate (CTR).

    Cost Per Conversion.


    Conversion rate.


    Return on investment (ROI).

    BePassive Agency‘s consultants maintain a thorough report of your campaign based on the various metrics of ad performance. The custom report is shared with you monthly, so you get the chance to visualize the headway your brand is making. Our consultants advise you to change your strategic path concerning the campaign accordingly, so you can focus your budget on where the money comes from.

    PPC is Perfect for Omnichannel Campaigns

    The web is an ocean, and your brand’s website might be a speck of an island that not many people know about. How would you present yourself in front of oblivious users and convert them into potential customers? That’s where you should consider omnichannel marketing.

    Observing the behavior of netizens, you’ll notice that they are constantly switching between devices and platforms. Omnichannel marketing (not to be confused with multichannel marketing) spans across all marketing channels, devices, and platforms to provide the user a personalized, seamless and integrated shopping experience.

    The goal is to send a unified and relevant message no matter where your brand’s customers are browsing. Omnichannel marketing is the thing of the future, and you should get behind it. Conveniently, PPC ads are pretty suited for omnichannel marketing.

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC consultants manage omnichannel marketing that makes use of:

    Google Ads

    Bing Ads

    Notable social media networks

    Syndication networkers

    Aside from text and display ads, our consultants are also adept at using Google and Amazon shopping campaigns to our client’s advantage. Your campaign moves all that quickly when you’re able to sell your ware directly from search results.

    Choose an agency with experience and expertise

    Do you know what’s the best thing about PPC? Most of the time, the person who clicks on your paid advertisement is already looking to make a purchase. You need to optimize your strategy to make a profit from this advantage. 

    Expert PPC consultants from BePassive Agency help you to create ads that revolve around your target audience. We work with data-driven strategies, so you end up with your desired outcome and nothing less. Make up your mind today, and put your trust in BePassive Agency.

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