Paid Search Management

If organic SEO seems too slow to you, place your bets on paid search to gain better, faster results.


    Why Paid Search Matters

    Paid ads are placed on the very top of search engine results pages. That means, with a pay-per-click marketing model, The key is high-visibility locations online. When you undertake a wholesome PPC campaign, you place ads on SERPs, social media sites, and other websites.

    With search engines like Google and Bing, the amount you pay for this ad is primarily based on how much you bid for that ad space.

    Moreover, you have control over which audience gets to see your ad. This avenue of advertising is cost-effective because you can decide how much you want to spend on your ads.

    Once your ad successfully entices a visitor to click, the landing page coaxes the visitor to take the next step in purchasing your product.

    Google determines your ad rank and then determines your placement in the search results. When you’re able to harness the power of PPC, your campaign can easily drive traffic to your website, which has the twofold benefit of increasing brand awareness and accelerating traffic. Of course, the success of this campaign depends upon:

    PPC bidding strategy

    SEO strategy

    Analytics capabilities

    With the help of BePassive Agency‘s expert PPC team, you can rest assured that your campaign will generate a significant return on investment. Our personnel only use the best methods to pick out high-value keywords, use search volume, and focus on analytics to optimize conversions

    About Paid Search Management

    In an analog world, “paid search” might mean putting out an advert in a newspaper, for example, and paying a fixed fee for space. It doesn’t matter how many people see your advertisement; you still pay the same amount of money. 

    Thinking from this perspective, your advertisement could reach one person, or one thousand. There’s no way to tell, and so it could be hit and miss. However, when we talk about paid search in digital marketing, we usually mean the “pay-per-click” advertising model. Here, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad, and not before that. 

    PPC ads

    Site links that prompt CTA

    Phone Numbers.

    Consumer ratings.


    Product visuals

    Paid search shows up alongside relevant organic results and is an integral part of search engine marketing (SEM). This method is also well known as search marketing. 

    However, it’s not as straightforward as putting up an ad in the newspaper. There’s a complex bidding process involved in the process, and that’s the hurdle you have to pass before you can see your ad occupy the top spot on a SERP. 

    These are the factors that come into play when search engines determine which ads would be shown to the visitors:

    Keyword and Ad Copy Relevance

    The more your ad copy matches the user’s search intent, the more likely the search engine will deem it relevant. The trick is to pick keywords that are:

    Relevant to your brand's offerings

    High in search volume

    But are not too competitive

    The close connection between the target keyword and the ad copy improves relevance. Knowledge of PPC management, search intent, and audience behavior helps reach an ideal point that balances all three of the above factors.

    Landing Page Experience

    Even when the ad copy promises to give the user exactly what they are searching for, if your landing page fails to deliver on that promise, your PPC campaign will lose money like water. Worse, it will hurt your brand. Therefore, optimizing your landing page so that it matches search intent is crucial.

    Quality Score

    What’s the Google parameter to determine if a paid ad matches well with a user’s search intent? That’s what a quality score is. It ranges from 1-10, and it depends on keyword and ad copy relevance, landing page experience, CTR, and many other factors. 

    In the rapidly moving and changing digital marketing world, paid search could be your ticket to shoot to the top. BePassive Agency‘s PPC team will assiduously drive your PPC campaign in perfect concert with your SEO campaign so that you can get the best of both worlds.

    Our Paid Search Managers Are PPC Experts

    BePassive Agency manages PPC campaigns with an iron hold so that your content gets showcased to relevant audiences in the fastest way.

    Imagine your webpage is organically optimized, and your SEO strategy is kept up-to-date; it will still take you anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and that’s when your copy is exceptionally well-crafted. This also depends on the competitive landscape and a plethora of factors. 

    If you have recently opened up a business and are looking to gain visibility online, search ads could be a great avenue to increase your brand awareness. However, paid search is a complex digital marketing model, and you’ll need expert assistance to leave your competitors behind.

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC experts assemble strategies based on the latest data and analysis. Our knowledge and experience in bidding strategies also help to put your ads on the top spot.

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    Impact of Ad Quality On Paid Search Ranking

    BePassive Agency‘s PPC team uses up-to-date tools and techniques to ensure keyword optimization, acing ad bids, perfecting call-to-action text, and other essential factors. When these factors are primed, your ad quality is improved, and as a result, you actually pay less for paid ads. Search engines have complicated algorithms to determine the cost per click (CPC) of an ad.

    Take a look at the sequence of google determining the CPC of an ad:

    1. An advertiser makes a bid with the highest amount they’re ready to pay for a click.
    2. Google figures out the quality score of this advertiser’s ad based on several factors.
    3. Google calculates the ad rank with this formula (Bid x Quality Score = Ad Rank)
    4. Google compares ad rank with the advertiser’s competitors. Based on the competitiveness and popularity of the keywords, a CPC is finally determined.

    BePassive Agency will focus on creating top-notch ads so you can focus on the rest of your business.

    What Include in Paid Search Management?

    BePassive Agency‘s paid search campaigns are designed to take a diverse approach. We studiously map out the user’s journey throughout the web to keep reminding them of your brand and its offers. Our workforce is dedicated to figuring out the right keywords, providing alluring and structured copy, and arranging landing pages that prompt visitors to take action. 

    Our paid search strategy focuses on users who are actively searching to complete an action, which is usually buying a product or service. This is the audience we pinpoint and target, so lead generation is effortless. 

    We don’t back out once your campaign is underway. BePassive Agency‘s personnel constantly track and analyze your progress to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Because unless it’s working to bring you significant ROI, why would you even pay for the clicks?

    BePassive Agency‘s active management of your PPC campaign will entail:

    1. Define your goals

    Our paid search strategist will help you figure out what you’re looking to gain from your campaign. Is it more traffic, accelerated sales, or something else? It would help if you decided that first.

    2. Bid management

    Bid management is a complex task that requires intricate strategizing. Our personnel will take up the brunt of your brainstorming and manage your paid spend across display networks, remarketing, retargeting, and syndication jobs.

    3. Determine your target

    With paid search, you get control over an ad’s reach. Would it be profitable to target your local audience? Or would you instead reach for the global market? Our strategists can help you track down the exact audience that would bring you the most clicks.

    4. Analyze performance

    You cannot hold onto a static strategy and hope for the best when it comes to paid ads. The strategist we dedicate to you will follow and analyze your ad’s performance and shift expenditure and tactics accordingly.

    5. Identify keywords

    You might feel the need to target highly competitive keywords, but they’re expensive. Your paid search campaign needs to strike a balance between spending and return, evaluating the keywords and picking the ones that best fit this scenario.

    6. Test landing pages

    Landing pages are a crucial factor in converting a visitor to a customer. BePassive Agency knows its importance, so we make sure your landing page is efficient enough not to lose customers.

    7. Craft engaging copy

    It’s a challenge to create an enticing copy within the limited number of characters you’re allotted. BePassive’s copy creators will ensure this short-form copy hits hard and matches search intent perfectly.

    8. Choose your platforms

    It’s a challenge to create an enticing copy within the limited number of characters you’re allotted. BePassive’s copy creators will ensure this short-form copy hits hard and matches search intent perfectly.

    9. Understand your competition

    As you’re gearing up to give your best in the world of digital marketing, you can be sure that your competitors aren’t sitting idle. You’ll have to go head to head with them if you can hope to glean any edge. BePassive Agency takes note of your competitors, how you fare against them, and figures out a strategy for outperforming them.

    Launch Strategic Paid Search Campaigns

    We will come up with persuasive copy texts that bring visitors to your landing page. Moreover, our personnel will also test and optimize your landing page for the best possible user experience. Finally, when all the factors are primed, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of paid search. 

    We will come up with persuasive copy texts that bring visitors to your landing page. Moreover, our personnel will also test and optimize your landing page for the best possible user experience. Finally, when all the factors are primed, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of paid search. 

    As a business looking for swift and sustainable solutions, you can trust BePassive Agency to develop innovative digital solutions. Our PPC management team is fully equipped to support your campaign with expertise, building adaptable and perceptive strategies.

    Launch Your Paid Search Campaigns With BePassive