Organic SEO Services

Paid ads are effective in their way, but to grow your website sustainably and generate a long-term return on investment, you need to tap into the well of Organic SEO. With the help of BePassive Agency, your landing pages will have the chance to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs).


    Why is Organic SEO Crucial?

    Gone are the days when putting out generic paid adverts would get you tons of traffic. Now, search engines favor websites that act a lot like organisms in growth and development. Over time, they will adapt to the needs of the website’s visitors. And to do this, Organic SEO is the key.

    Content Creation

    Organic SEO for Your Business

    By now, you’ve already garnered enough information to know that your business will undoubtedly benefit from organic SEO. When you work with BePassive Agency, we will provide you with tailored marketing solutions, so you come up quickly on the search engines your audience uses.

    To make sure we only make changes in areas that need improvement, BePassive agency is going to assign specialists exclusively to work with you in crucial organic SEO areas such as:

    On-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO

    National SEO

    Local SEO

    Video SEO

    Professional SEO

    Organic SEO Services

    Success through organic SEO comes only through intricate and detailed work, and here at BePassive agencya, we accomplish this by covering all the basics. Our optimal goal is to get you more traffic by satisfying user intent and hitting all the essential issues. 

    Step by step, we will employ organic SEO techniques that include:

    • Website SSL setup
    • Schema markup
    • Technical integration support
    • User testing
    • Sitemap optimization
    • Rich snippet optimization
    • A/B testing
    • Web demo creation
    • Link structure analysis and adjustment
    • Mobile optimization
    • Link building
    • Advanced keyword analysis
    • On-page site audits
    • Error remediation
    • Page speed optimization
    • Website health checks
    • Audience development
    • Brand monitoring
    • Social media marketing
    • Blog writing
    • Landing page writing
    • On-page optimization
    • Refreshing copy and content
    • Creating (or updating) product descriptions
    • Providing metadata and meta description
    • Review and citation markup

    Which of the above methods would work best for your organization depends on your brand and its type of industry. You might need an assortment of these services, or you might need something entirely different. 

    At BePassive Agency a dedicated consultant will be at your disposal. With their help, you will have a clear idea of what your marketing strategy needs and how to employ it.

    Organic SEO Ranking Factors

    Chances are, there are at least a handful of pages with content similar to yours. So why would your content come up first on a search? 

    Before a reputable search engine deems your content worthy enough to display on the SERPs, it weighs some factors; the most notable ones are:

    • Quality of your content
    • Use of relevant and authoritative backlinks
    • Security of your website (HTTPS)
    • User Experience (RankBrain)
    • Page Speed 
    • Mobile-friendliness

    However, you will find that your content would not rank immediately after going live. For example, it takes around three months for Google to weigh these factors and rank your content based on user response. 

    Even after that time has passed, your ranking will be subjected to a lot of experimentation. BePassive Agency’s dedicated personnel would ensure that your content will pass all these trials and yield the best results.

    Content for SEO, and SEO for Content

    While you might think to only focus on SEO, you’re overlooking another factor that is inevitably linked with your organic SEO strategy’s success. This factor is content.

    Your website indeed gets started with content, and then you bring SEO into play. You figure out the keywords and then place them strategically into your content, taking care not to overstuff it with keywords. 

    Without the help of content, how would you make use of these keywords? 

    Moving further, where would you place your links? What would backlinks be referring to? What exactly would make sure that your customer stays on the page so that search engines like google can rank your website as a successful one?

    On the other hand, writing content without taking SEO into consideration is as good as shooting arrows in the dark. It’s hit and miss, and more often miss than hit.

    Needless to say, ensuring your content is fresh, unique, creative, and search engine optimized is optimal for gaining a high rank on SERPs in unpaid, algorithm-driven results.   

    Custom Organic SEO Strategies

    BePassive agency employs Organic SEO strategies that are focused on these three improvements:

    Maximize Dwell Time

    Maximize organic CTR

    Minimize bounce rate

    However, there are so many combinations of techniques that would get you the optimum results. This all depends on:

    • Who your target audience is
    • What your business is
    • What your industry is
    • who your competitors are
    • What your budget allows
    • What your digital marketing goals are
    • What your market demands are
    • What your commercial goals are

    In the past, search engine optimization meant hastily stuffing each content with keywords and publishing frantically, keeping your fingers crossed in the hope that your content would rank high in SERPs through the sheer power of quantity, not quality. 

    BePassive Agency does not believe in such crude shortcuts. With our help, your organic SEO strategy would be as sophisticated and multifaceted as you wish. We’ll put to use videos, infographics, animations, social media, and many other assets for your benefit. 

    Long-Term ROI Through Advanced SEO

    The success of SEO depends a lot on how it is executed. You can opt for content that would climb the ranks fast, give you great ROI and then die out soon after. But that’s not the kind of SEO strategy we follow here at BePassive Agency. 

    Our organic SEO strategies focus on garnering long-term ROI for your business through only the latest SEO tools and techniques. Our offerings include: 

    Search Performance Briefs

    BePassive Agency will provide you with dedicated personnel for organic SEO, and they will, in turn, provide documents that would pave the way for a smooth SEO execution.

    With its help, your creative team can yield highly successful results. With this content, your ranking will see a significant improvement.

    Site and SEO Audits

    Your website might need an all-encompassing SEO strategy, or it may need some small and quick tweakings to optimize.

    Whichever is the cause, our consultant will go through your website, document and analyze the issues, and provide a report along with suggestions to remedy the problems that are holding you back. 

    Featured Snippet Optimization

    When you search for something on Google, what do you see first? Aside from paid content adverts, the chances are that you’ll also see a featured snippet from a post that is favored by the search engines. Google pulls it from an indexed content that it deems will answer the query best. 

    Getting your content to be the one from which google pulls a featured snippet will undoubtedly give your post and website a significant boost. We will provide you with the necessary analysis and suggestions you need to achieve this.

    Increase your Organic Traffic