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Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. To survive in the fight against your competitors, you need an SEO strategy that is modern and thorough. Here at BePassive Agency, we look at all the elements that have an impact on SEO. 

On-Page or On-Site optimization is a part of SEO that you can control even without a lot of technical expertise. Our clients know its importance, and that’s why they entrust us with this crucial facet of SEO management. 


    Why Need On-Page SEO

    It pays to make On-Page SEO an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. When a search engine crawls websites to find the one that answers a user’s query, it goes through the code of each page.

    Therefore, On-Page optimization of this code is what matters before anything else. This way, On-Page SEO improves your chances of coming up high on the SERPs.

    Despite being an old method, On-Page SEO is still relevant. There’s no indication that it will become unnecessary any time soon. Take Google, for example.

    When a user searches for something, Google picks out the website which uses the focus keyword most naturally and effectively. Keyword-rich title tags rank on the first page most often. 

    It may be needless to say that ranking high is what you need to boost your ROI because this kind of SEO can bring you more traffic through search engines, and we all know this is the way you get anywhere from 50% to 90% of your website’s traffic.  

    What are The Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

    On-Page optimization is more familiar to people as it has persisted for quite a while. It refers to the visible changes you bring to your website.

    Compared to that, Off-Page optimization is a relatively newer concept that deals with matters outside of your website. The most prominent focus of Off-Page SEO is building good quality backlinks, but it’s not the only technique.

    In either case, the components are:

    On-page Component:

    Optimize your content for SEO

    Outbound and internal linking

    Improving page responsiveness

    Optimize for Mobile devices

    Off-page Component: 

    Link building

    Social Media Marketing

    Brand monitoring

    Domain authority building

    When you optimize from both ends, your content is primed for a boost in SERPs. 

    The subcategories of SEO are:

    On-page SEO.

    Off-page SEO

    National SEO

    Local SEO

    Video SEO

    Professional SEO

    BePassive Agency encourages you to optimize your website using all these practices. However, as each website needs a different treatment, we would work closely with you to figure out precisely what you need and advise you to take only the necessary steps. 

    Our On-Page SEO Services

    Learning about On-Page SEO is beneficial for your business. However, without in-depth knowledge or outside expertise, your attempts at harnessing the power of SEO would be haphazard at best. That’s where BePassive Agency comes in. 

    With our dynamic approach to SEO, we will craft attractive and alluring content to give the visitors exactly what they are looking for. Our methods include, but are not limited to:

    • Content writing and optimization
    • Metadata optimization
    • Landing page writing and optimization
    • Link structure analysis and adjustment
    • Website SSL setup
    • Updating content to realign with new search engine guidelines
    • Optimizing page for faster load time
    • Analytics tracking

    Utilizing a combination of these methods will be planned and executed for the betterment of your website’s ranking, and you will be receiving a thorough report of every step along the way.

    Custom On-page SEO Services

    BePassive Agency will break down your page’s layout and content into their elements and meticulously optimize everything there is to improve upon. After we’re done with it, your entire webpage will be in pristine condition and will climb to the top of SERPs. 

    The services we provide here at BePassive Agency are flexible and fully customizable. Our practices to uplift your search engine ranking makes our clients’ content reach the relevant audience through dedicated service that you’d rarely find elsewhere.

    Search Performance Briefs

    The dedicated SEO management team from BePassive agency will keep track of your website’s SEO performance constantly and keep you updated.

    The monthly report they provide will consist of all the necessary information regarding the past performance and set clear and achievable goals to improve future performance.

    Moreover, the report will also outline ways to fulfill the set target, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Site and SEO audits

    Digital marketing screams the need for SEO, but actually getting started can be a daunting task.

    How to start and how much work to look forward to- all these thoughts might hold you behind. BePassive Agency offers excellent Site and SEO audit services.

    We would scour every bit of your website, its pages and let you know where improvements need to be made.

    Copy Refresh

    A static website is a dead website, and you cannot hope to make a lot of profit from that, no matter how much you’ve spent behind it in the past.

    Your brand grows, so should your website. It should act as a living entity to get noticed by the search engines and their crawlers.

    BePassive Agency’s team of seasoned content writers and SEO specialists will work together to bring your content up to date with what modern users want and gain the acknowledgment of search engines.

    On-page SEO

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