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BePassive Agency’s strategy for improving Off-Page SEO certainly includes building backlinks and fruitfully building them. However, that’s not the only ranking factor we’re going to focus on. Our Off-Page SEO solutions are sensible and trustworthy.


    What is Off-Page SEO?

    Off-Page SEO involves optimizing ranking factors outside of your website, building backlinks being the most common practice. It’s evident that the top-ranking pages of any search query are the ones with a high quantity and quality of Backlinks. 

    However, building backlinks is only one of the Off-Page signals that Google takes into consideration. Other Off-Page or Off-site methods of boosting your website’s ranking include improving E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness), online reputation management, brand searches, etc. Even social signals can indirectly contribute to Off-Page SEO.

    Types of off-page SEO

    Any Off-Page SEO activity would fall under one of the following categories: 

    Social Media Packages List:

    • Natural
    • Manual
    • Created

    Natural: Natural Off-Page SEO refers to the activity where you don’t actually have to do anything. For example, there’s content on caring for houseplants on your website. It’s a well-written, in-depth content. Another blog of the same niche chose to link your content to one of their pages. This is a backlink that you gained from natural Off-Page SEO.

    Manual: Manual Off-Page SEO requires some work on your part. You have to reach out to an authority blog of the same niche, convince them that your content is worth linking to their page, and gain a backlink this way.

    Created: Created is the sort of Off-Page SEO technique is the one type that BePassive Agency does not recommend because it involves spammy activities. For example, if you go to an authority blog post on the same targeted keyword, you’re using and leave a comment with your blog post’s link there. It’s a backhanded tactic that isn’t very effective or sustainable.

    If your dream is to occupy the number one place on SERPs and even get featured snippets, you can’t just depend on SEO services that immediately offer you a handful of low-quality backlinks. This shortcut might get you a temporary boost, but it’s not going to help you for long. 

    BePassive Agency uses Off-Page SEO techniques that offer sustainable solutions. Following the rules, we boost the relevance and authority for the targeted keyword of your choice. We would recommend that you rely on natural or manual methods.

    Kind of Activities in Off-Page SEO

    Building several quality backlinks is a well-known signal to convince Google to rank your website higher on SERPs. Other influential components Of-Page SEO include:

    • Link Analyses
    • Brand Mentions
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Social Networking
    • Content Marketing
    • Broken link building
    • Newsletters
    • Participating in roundup posts
    • Strategic guest posting

    As you can probably already tell, none of these techniques are as instantaneous as On-Page SEO techniques. This kind of work takes time and patience, and if you put your faith in the wrong SEO company, your time and money would both go to waste.

    What Are The Differences Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

    On-Page optimization is more familiar to people as it has persisted for quite a while. It refers to the visible changes you bring to your website.

    Compared to that, Off-Page optimization is a relatively newer concept that deals with matters outside of your website. The most prominent focus of Off-Page SEO is building good quality backlinks, but it’s not the only technique.

    In either case, the components are:

    On-page SEO includes:

    Optimize your content for SEO

    Outbound and internal linking

    Improving page responsiveness

    Optimize for Mobile devices

    Off-page optimisation includes:

    Link building

    Social Media Marketing

    Brand monitoring

    When you optimize from both ends, your content is primed for a boost in SERPs. 

    The subcategories of SEO are:

    On-page SEO.

    Off-page SEO

    National SEO

    Local SEO

    Video SEO

    Professional SEO

    BePassive Agency encourages you to optimize your website using all these practices. However, as each website needs a different treatment, we would work closely with you to figure out precisely what you need and advise you to take only the necessary steps.

    Off-page SEO service Incldes

    More and more companies are acknowledging the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Naturally, many agencies have cropped up to provide On-Page and Off-Page SEO services. So why would you pick BePassive Agency out of the proverbial haystack?

    It’s simple. We will make sure your website evolves to be a good authority site, so much so that you can sustainably earn the best ROI. Our dedicated Off-Page SEO experts will take every necessary step to make this a reality through a multitude of techniques, such as:

    Earned media

    Nothing works to boost your brand’s reputation online, like a tweet or a blog post mentioning its virtue. This is what earned Media is all about.

    It’s not something you can pay for or even create on your own. BePassive agency will make sure your website attracts this kind of positive attention, so you attract links and social media shares naturally.


    Social networking, reaching out to influencers in your industry, getting positive reviews: all these things will work to improve your social signals.

    It doesn’t matter which industry and which niche your website covers; BePassive Agency team of Off-Page SEO experts will help you out.

    Content promotion

    Content promotion is an old digital marketing tactic, but you’d be mistaken if you think it is simple. With the emergence of new and popular social media platforms, content marketing has become more critical.

    You cannot hope to get away with sharing the same content across all the platforms. Keeping your audience and resource in mind, BePassive Agency will make sure to run a content promotion campaign that yields the best results.

    Industry networking

    Building good relationships with more prominent brands pays off. Our team of Earned Media specialists will take up the task of improving your relationships with other, more authoritative brands and leverage this relationship to bring in more backlinks and improve your site’s reputation.

    Link analysis

    Before delving into the act of gaining quality backlinks for your website, BePassive Agency’s SEO experts will perform a thorough analysis of the existing links. Through this analysis, you would be able to see what needs improving upon and how we will accomplish it.

    Link disavow

    Building a collection of commendable backlinks would be futile if your website is plagued with artificial, spammy, or low-quality links pointing your way. BePassive Agency turns your website into a clean slate by disavowing these links so any new backlinks will have a more positive impact.

    Get a proposal for off-page SEO services

    Custom Off-Page SEO Services

    Ready-made SEO packages might be what most people need for their business, but BePassive Agency knows it is not always sufficient. Your business might have unique needs that these packages couldn’t hope to accommodate. This is why BePassive Agency gives you the scope to customize SEO solutions for your website’s specific needs.

    • We will take into consideration the specific needs of your industry and niche
    • We will leverage new opportunities and tools
    • We will focus on the competitors you need to beat and the audience you need to target

    Off-page SEO

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