National Search Engine Optimization

Reaching the massive target audience base across the country takes patience, expertise, and lots and lots of effort. You’d be right to assume that this mammoth task should only be taken up by people who know what they’re up against. At BePassive Agency, our team of SEO experts with years of experience is precisely what you’re looking for to provide you an outstanding national SEO campaign.


    Successful SEO Strategies Support Business Goals

    A sensible SEO Strategy should always include a well-thought-out National SEO campaign. Chances are, a large number of your competitors are pulling out all stops to reach out to the broader customer base, and so should you. Moreover, your campaign needs to be sharper and more intensive than theirs if you hope to take over. 

    If you’re a company that provides services or products across the country, an elaborate, multi-city SEO campaign is all that more important for your business’s expansion. More than 60% of online buyers would look up product information before they make the purchase decision. About 90% of them ignore paid ads and go for organic results.  

    BePassive Agency is ready to provide the necessary assistance for increasing your company’s positive search engine visibility nationwide. We also help you figure out commercial changes that need to happen for your business to beat the competition. These changes may include: 

    • M&A.
    • IPO.
    • Tech disruption.
    • Product or service innovation.
    • Business expansion or contraction.

    Distinguishing Between Local, Regional,
    National and International SEO

    Our target audience will vary depending on what your business deals with and hopes to achieve. BePassive Agency will take note of the audience you plan to reach and then customize your SEO campaign to your specific requirements. 

    Here’s a breakdown of the different sorts of SEO services you could avail from us that can be aligned with your business and commercial goals:

    Local SEO:

    • Google My Business optimization
    • Google Maps optimization
    • Citation management
    • Targeting localized keywords and terms

    National SEO:

    • Creating region-specific organic content
    • Optimizing for specific geographical terms
    • Geo-targeted LSI keywords
    • High-value link building

    Regional SEO:

    • Broad, location-agnostic keyword ranking
    • Multi-site, multi-brand management
    • Advanced audience segmentation and list building

    International SEO

    • Multi-national content creation
    • Language localization
    • Multi-domain and multi-site management
    • Global keyword research

    Every SEO service can be scaled accordingly, and foundational content marketing goals are established at the onset of a BePassive partnership.

    Know More About National SEO

    SEO Strategy

    Even though the idea of SEO has been around for a long time, about two decades, it’s still something that we are constantly learning about. Search engines change their algorithms regularly to serve users in the best way possible. Therefore, your SEO strategy needs to be dynamic. 

    BePassive Agency’s SEO strategy involves using only the modern and the best practices around. We train our SEO personnel till they are knowledgeable about the latest SEO tools and techniques. With our help, you can leverage SEO no matter what industry or niche you work in.

    BePassive Agency will push forward with a carefully planned campaign, so guesswork has no chance to come into play. The components may include:

    1. SEO Audit

    You might be thinking that your website is Search Engine Optimized. However, your website might still have some foundational issues that are hampering your online presence. An SEO is the first step to figuring out which errors are there, how to fix them, and how you measure up against your competitors in terms of marketplace insight.

    2. Keyword Research

    Irrelevant keywords would get you nowhere. Please leave it to BePassive Agency’s dedicated SEO specialists to conduct in-depth research and find broad and long-tail keywords that funnel the right audience towards your business. As keyword research impacts every other SEO task we perform, it’s the first step in any National SEO campaign you entrust us with.

    3. Content Planning

    Content planning and creation come after we have ascertained keywords to be used to support your goals. Anything consumable made with specific marketing purposes can be considered as content. Content is the vessel that would contain the target keywords, so your website pages can be indexed by search engines and drive organic traffic back to your website.

    Content needs to be meticulously planned, as ill-planning may produce content that may be useless or even detrimental to your business. If done incorrectly, it will also affect your search rankings negatively. BePassive Agency’s content strategists, writers, and experts together would make sure your content has relevance and readability while also accommodating keywords.

    On-Page SEO

    Optimizing the individual pages on your website, including the layout, content, URLs, HTML- all of it falls under the category of On-Page or On-Site SEO. Proper On-Page SEO improves user experience, fulfills user’s search intent, and generates more organic traffic. The On-Page elements that are commonly optimized are: 

    BePassive Agency’s On-Page SEO services may include:

    • Content writing and optimization
    • Metadata optimization
    • Landing page writing and optimization
    • Link structure analysis and adjustment
    • Website SSL setup
    • Updating content to realign with new search engine guidelines
    • Optimizing page for faster load time
    • Analytics tracking

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO deals with any SEO factors that take place outside of your website and its pages. Looking at the top-ranking pages of any search query would tell you that Off-Page SEO tactics (mainly backlinks) can boost a website’s performance impressively. The Off-Page SEO services that BePassive Agency commonly advises are:

    • Earned media
    • Outreach
    • Content promotion
    • Industry networking
    • Link analysis
    • Link disavow

    Technical SEO

    While On-Page SEO deals with your page’s visible elements, technical SEO can be defined as the optimization that goes on behind the curtains, i.e., the backend.

    Other SEO strategies’ success depends on Technical SEO, as it makes your website readable to the search engines. Unless this sort of optimization is perfected, spending time on all the other SEO avenues will be rather futile. 

    BePassive Agency’s Technical SEO services include: 

    • Optimizing page speed
    • Updating Schema markup
    • Making sure that all web pages are accessible
    • Optimizing the website for mobile users
    • Making sure HTTPS is properly set up
    • Analysing and optimising link structure
    • Reviewing and optimising meta data

    E-Commerce SEO

    If your business’ point of sale is directly on your website, it pays to optimize your e-commerce components. This might require a tailored approach to SEO, which our SEO experts will diligently engineer for your website. We will analyze and figure out where improvements need to happen and how we can accomplish them.

    • Sitemap optimization
    • Product and service page optimization
    • Page speed and mobile optimization
    • Sophisticated keyword targeting
    • Image optimization
    • Web demo creation
    • Website redesign
    • User testing
    • Schema markup
    • Review and citation management
    • Technical integration support
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • A/B testing
    • Rich snippet optimization

    You might be thinking of going the paid promotion route to get returns quickly. However, optimizing using a campaign that integrates organic methods pays much better. You’ll be able to generate inbound traffic from improving your online reputation, and you’ll benefit all across the web. 

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Most of the SEO services we offer here at BePassive Agency revolve around Organic SEO. In some cases, a paid strategy can also prove fruitful, especially if paired with Organic SEO in a balanced way. BePassive Agency might provide these SEM services to you:


    • Paid search ads.
    • Display ads.
    • Retargeting.
    • Social media ads.
    • Sponsored posts.
    • Content syndication.

    SEO, Choose Yourself

    Even among a large number of competitors all vying for attention from the same target audience, a proper National SEO campaign can help you rise above the line. You can pick from our existing packages. Or, if you need specialized services, we’re ready to provide you with a la carte packages. Please take a look at our product catalog and decide for yourself.

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