Local SEO Services

Local SEO is, essentially, SEO on a smaller scale. However, optimizing local searches is not as straightforward or quick as you might think. Local SEO comes with its own set of rules. But if it is done right, it will leave a massive impact on your traffic, leads, and brand awareness from local search.


    How Local SEO Works

    If you’re the owner of a physical, brick-and-mortar store, you might not have thought about digital marketing to progress your business. However, more and more people are leaning on search engines to find businesses in their area before purchasing a product or service, and this trend is only going upwards. 

    Already, more than 70% of people who search for a product or service on their phone end up going to a store later that day to make a purchase. That alone should convince you of the importance of optimizing for local searches.

    How is this done? One of the approaches involves increasing your brand reach across web directory listings relevant to your business. Another is optimizing your existing online presence within search engines (especially Google apps).

    Local SEO Services

    What happens when a person conducts a search on any search engine? The search engine considers the query and finds the best match out of its index. Optimizing your website to show up in this search is the goal of conventional SEO. For the most part, local SEO is also similar, but search engines, especially Google, uses a different set of ranking factors, and that’s why optimizing for local searches is essential. 

    With our help, not only will your business show up on Google SERPs, but also on Google Maps and local business listings. We’ll make it easy for you to gain more visibility among the local target audience and ultimately increase your sale. These are the Local SEO services you can expect to get from BePassive Agency:

    • Google My Business profile optimization
    • Finding Geo-targeted keywords
    • Localized content creating and refreshing
    • Business directory optimization
    • NAP (name, address, phone #) verification
    • Rating and review management
    • Local SEO audit
    • Brand monitoring and reputation management
    • Targeted link building
    • Local citation building and management
    • Localized metadata analysis and optimization
    • Google Maps ads
    • Google Posts publishing
    • And many more

    BePassive Agency’s Local SEO services are fully customizable. You can avail of our services along with a more extensive SEO campaign or on its own.

    With the change in your industry, targeted audience, products, or services, we will modify our services right along with it.

    More About BePassive Local SEO Service

    Local SEO Specialist Support

    Search Engine Optimization is a long and arduous process that involves analyzing, remedying, and managing several factors. This is true for Local SEO too, which is affected by a myriad of factors. Ranking improvements backed up by BePassive Agency experts take all of these factors into account. 

    Our agency is well-versed in strategizing for local search optimization and executing the detailed plan. We have SEO experts seamlessly working side by side with the technical and creative teams, all so we can give the best effort for our clients. 

    Everything you need to optimize your website and webpages we have here at BePassive Agency. Whether you need a site-wide optimization or just a small, customized set of tasks, we can customize your service package accordingly. We don’t leave any ends dangling, so you never have to resort to another service provider other than BePassive Agency. 

    Moreover, you can rest assured that our well-trained and experienced SEO personnel will employ only the most modern and proven Local SEO tools and strategies. When you’re in a partnership with BePassive Agency, your local search presence is error-free.

    Google as Your Homepage

    Google is arguably one of the most critical points in SEO, and you need to optimize across Google’s apps to get the upper hand. Logically, it pays to claim your business listing in Google. Next, BePassive Agency will help you to get the most out of your Google My Business profile. 

    If your GMB account is pristine, it’s that much easier for Google to take data from there and export it to other online marketing channels, such as: 

    • Google maps
    • Local 3-packs
    • Google posts
    • SERP carousels
    • Knowledge panels

    Google will only be able to give you this advantage if every information in your GMB profile is meticulously set up. Your business’ information needs to be consistent with what you’ve put up on your GMB profile across the web. Otherwise, Google will consider it as a red flag. BePassive Agency will not only optimize your GMB profile but will also keep it up to date, so you’re never in a pinch. 

    Local SEO Ranking Factors

    For ranking in the Google Map Pack, your GMB profile is the #1 factor. Aside from that, consistent NAP citations, review signals, along traditional ranking factors (like links) are what you should consider optimizing for. 

    What’s more, your website’s organic ranking matters a lot when it comes to local search rankings as well. That’s why BePassive Agency helps you optimize all these factors and not just the ones that matter exclusively for Local SEO.

    Local SEO Ranking Factors

    From this depiction, you can see that Local SEO cannot stand alone. It requires a combined approach of Organic, On-Page SEO, link signals, and the individual factors we spoke of earlier. While you’re working with BePassive Agency, we would suggest you start with these ranking factors.

    Local Marketing for a Local Market

    In the local market, your business may be a little store tucked away in the street corner, and the people that come through the door are your potential customers. On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a digital-first or e-commerce store, anyone who’s searching for localized keywords may be your target market. 

    Whichever is the case, BePassive Agency’s goal is to direct the bulk of that audience towards your business for maximum return and before your competitors could make a bid for their attention. 

    For optimally increasing your target audience’s focus on you, our SEO consultants will make use of local citations from online directories, such as:

    • Yelp
    • TripAdvisor
    • Google My Business
    • Better Business Bureau
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Amazon
    • Bing Places
    • Foursquare
    • Twitter
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Local.com
    • Angie’s List
    • Yext
    • Merchant Circle
    • LinkedIn Company Directory
    • Apple Maps
    • More

    Be it physically or digitally, BePassive Agency will bring a significant amount of spotlight to your business when it comes to local searches.

    How Local SEO Fits With Other SEO Campaigns

    Local SEO isn’t only for small-scale local businesses that are looking to increase their profit. Even if your business is already SEO optimized for a much broader target audience, it still pays to utilize Local SEO for geo-targeting keywords and audience. 

    BePassive Agency’s Local SEO strategy is based on ongoing research, attention to detail, and vigilance. Just as search engine algorithms and customer expectations change, we change our tactics and only become better at what we do. Not to mention, we also keep up with any changes you see fit to bring to your business. 

    With time, no matter what sort of SEO services you need, how much expansion you need us to accommodate, BePassive Agency will modify the SEO strategy accordingly. We are pros at customizable campaigns for:

    Regional SEO:

    • Creating region-specific organic content
    • Optimizing for specific geographical terms
    • Geo-targeted LSI keywords
    • High-value link building

    National SEO:

    • Broad, location-agnostic keyword ranking
    • Multi-site, multi-brand management
    • Advanced audience segmentation and list building

    International SEO:

    • Multi-national content creation
    • Language localization
    • Multi-domain and multi-site management
    • Global keyword research

    BePassive Agency’s A La Carte offerings include:

    Organic SEO Service

    On-Page SEO Services

    Off-Page SEO Services

    National SEO Services

    Local SEO Services

    Video SEO Services

    Professional SEO Services

    Local SEO, Widespread Outcome

    SEO companies are a dozen a dime, and most do not have any specializations to boast about. At best, their services include run-off-the-mill SEO tools and techniques. At BePassive Agency, we intimately understand SEO and focus on all nooks and crannies of it. Please put your trust in us to get the best solution.

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