eCommerce Development

eCommerce enables businesses to reach a broader customer base, but only when eCommerce development is done right. With proven knowledge in eCommerce web design and web development, that’s what we provide. Customized, professional, enterprise-grade eCommerce- whatever you’re looking for, BePassive Agency is ready to offer your all these and more.


    About BePassive Agency‘s eCommerce Development

    Our target is to develop high-performing eCommerce websites that will deliver the desired results to our customers. Our development experts are armed with the best technical consultation and development plans to serve the clients’ crucial requirements across the industries and develop strategies for their needs.

    BePassive Agency will research your competition, scope out the industry, and develop a shopping experience for successfully converting sales. We use our skill and experience in eCommerce design and development, accommodating unique website features and systems. When needed, we even offer tailored eCommerce development solutions, so our customers don’t leave empty-handed.  

    eCommerce Development Services We Offer

    A competent eCommerce website is a foundation on which your online retail business flourishes. BePassive Agency understands that, and that’s why we introduce you to the latest technologies and industry best practices for maximizing your online store’s profitability. 

    We will come up with solutions that are premium and on par with your competitors, but at the same time, optimally flexible and endlessly customizable. 

    With BePassive Agency‘s help, there are no limits to what your eCommerce website can achieve.

    Portal Development

    BePassive Agency‘s designers are experts that can create modern, streamlined interfaces to bring your brand to life. We use visuals and animations to intrigue your customers to the fullest and promote conversions.

    B2C Marketplaces

    When it comes to B2C marketplaces, the websites we create will provide all the support you need for various products and services. We facilitate pre-order management, marketing, and promotions suite, product comparison, and recommendations engines, registered and guest checkout, and many more.

    B2B Trade Portals

    Our B2B solution includes features such as sophisticated buyer segmentation, support for complex pricing structures, streamlined quote management and price negotiation, the scope for bulk and repeat ordering, and many more.

    Auctions & Bidding

    In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, auctions, and bidding only adds a more exciting color. If you want your blooming business to bring this aspect to your visitors, BePassive Agency is well-equipped to assist you. Our solutions will allow you to arrange a variety of auctions, organize bid items, and many more

    Ecommerce Aggregators

    BePassive Agency will develop the perfect solution to attract various vendors and unite their offerings under a coherent umbrella. Our eCommerce development team put to use eCommerce aggregators that allow you to handle distinct brands easily.

    Online Stores

    As a top eCommerce development company, our development team is used to managing distinct online store projects of varied complexities and many domains. With us, your online stores will only flourish.

    Custom eCommerce Development

    For a business, an online presence is essential, but securing a well-performing website is more important. Having the ability to sell products online to your customers every hour of the day and staying on top of your inventory is a valuable ability. 

    Whether your inventory is large or small, your stock low or high, BePassive Agency helps you develop eCommerce platforms that allow for variety and allow for growth. We also give you the option to target specific customers in various locations.

    As a leading eCommerce development company, BePassive Agency offers a variety of required technical consultations for custom eCommerce development, such as:

    eCommerce Store Development

    At BePassive Agency, our eCommerce web development team employs nimble techniques to design eye-catching website interfaces. The use of modern tools and technologies emphasizes your website’s utility and safety while ensuring that it’s stable and performs just the way you want it to.

    eCommerce Consulting

    BePassive Agency‘s eCommerce consultants hold profound expertise in both retail and eCommerce. To maximize the potential of your eCommerce site, they know exactly what to do. Our most popular strategies include precise customer targeting, creating profitable offers, and finding ways to build trust between your brand and your visitors.

    Technology Platforms

    Every business has its unique needs and requirements, and so does your eCommerce website. Choosing the right technology platform might seem tricky, but with BePassive Agency, this chore becomes a breeze. We consider various features and factors of platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and other heavyweights in the world of technology platforms and pick the one that’s best for your brand.

    Payment System Integration

    Would you be able to hold visitors if they weren’t able to make a purchase because your payment system lacks functionality? Even if they’re intrigued by your wares, you will lose any chance of doing business with them. BePassive Agency‘s experts help you integrate popular payment gateways and mobile wallets, ensuring the convenience and security of your visitors.

    CRM & ERP Integration

    As eCommerce thrives, it’s becoming more and more crucial to ensure your brand’s visibility. A great way to do so is to invest in technologies like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps you to achieve that level of visibility. Integration of these assets means you get the best results, and that’s where we could help you. 

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