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Online dictionaries have become part and parcel of the writing and reading culture. Most people rely on online dictionaries to get a clear meaning of different words they come across when reading. However, considering that there are several of them on the internet, you need to know what dictionary to use in different scenarios. This write-up gives you a detailed outlook of the best dictionaries on the web, their unique features, and their pros and cons.

Collins dictionary is one of the best platforms for learners, translators, and teachers. Boasting over 4. It comes with unique options that can help you improve your grammar and fluency.

These include Thesaurus, video, translator, and scrabble. Its search engine features an autosuggest feature that enables you to select the word you are looking for by just typing a few letters. Browse Dictionary APIs.

Established using an ideology that is similar to Wikipedia, Wiktionary goes beyond the standard dictionary to provide an in-depth explanation for words using definitions and illustrations. It comes with outstanding features such as autosuggest, pronunciation, synonyms, etymology, anagrams, and related terms, among others. It also integrates new options such as the Thesaurus, language statistics, extensive appendices, and phrasebooks.

Google dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries since it boasts one of the most comprehensive online word directories. Its strongest attribute is the fact that it supports several languages. It also provides synonyms, use case examples, the origin of a word, and antonyms.

Urban dictionary is an online platform where you can find definitions, pronunciation, and synonyms for urban words or slang. It defines terms that are often used in the streets. Renowned as the best tool for students and learners, Oxford online dictionary is a robust platform that helps define words both in British and American English.

For enhanced clarity, Oxford dictionary features pictures, example sentences, synonyms, and audio pronunciation, among others. It also boasts critical symbols that help show how important a word is to the English language. It is the ideal dictionary to use when writing a thesis or research paper. Macmillan dictionary is the best place to learn something new every day. It is fully integrated with Thesaurus, and it provides synonyms and a ton of related other terms.

It is one of the best dictionaries for English speaking users from all over the world. It comes with stars and colors to display how frequently words are used in English. Cambridge dictionary is another highly respected online dictionary for official and academic purposes. It boasts three outstanding features which are dictionary, grammar, and translator. The dictionary supports translation for over 20 languages.

Other features include audio pronunciations, phrasal verbs, Thesaurus and idioms among others. Having been in existence for more than two decades, Dictionary. It boasts various features such as audio pronunciation, idioms, synonyms, word origins, and slang phrases, among others.

It is considered to be one of the leading sources of word definitions on the internet. For support, please email us at support rapidapi.

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Best dictionary for pc free. 10 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software For Windows 10/8/7 PC


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